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Beauty Treats 10 Colour Matte Blush Palette review

Hello hello everyone. I’m so sorry for being MIA for so long.. I guess life just gets in the way sometimes, you know? And you end up being so busy and not having time for things that aren’t pressing and urgent. No more excuses! I just HAD to post something for all of you.

I can’t believe the holiday season is just around the corner looks into the distance and thinks about beach days and chill time seriously, I’m gonna chill so hard during the holidays. I’ve got tons of books I want to read and series I want to catch up on 😀. Enough about me, let’s get into today’s review. 

I bought this Beauty Treats 10 colour matte blush palette 2 weeks ago and was totally intrigued by the color selection. To be honest, I’ve seen this pallete many times before but never wanted to purchase it becuase I don’t know the name and I absolutely hate buying cheap “no name makeup”. My skin is just SO sensitive that using no name makeup leaves me with rashes in my face etc,  but when I saw this pallete was all matte (I prefer matte over shimmer. Well, at least sometimes)  I googled reviews and only came across ONE. Seriously, just ONE by Onikabeauty. After reading her review I took the plunge and decided that I should purchase it, give it a try, and post a review for all of you ladies in SA not sure whether or not to purchase this palette. Hopefully you’ll find this review helpful.  

 The packaging is plastic and is quite sturdy, I love how thin the pallete is as it takes up minimal space in a makeup organizer /drawer. I didn’t however like the smell the blushes gave off. It was a but chemical-ish but after a while it went away.

Surprisingly the blushes are quite nice. It’s not extremely pigmented on the first application but it is buildable and really blendable too. Granted I’ve only tested about 4 shades as the others didn’t suit my skin tone too well. My favorite shade will have to be the 2nd from the top right. It’s a beautiful pinkish shade that gives me a subtle , pretty flush. 

The lasting power is not too long (about 3 hours) but I think for the price it is rather worth it. If you’re new on the whole make-up band wagon and still learning to perfect your skills , or if you’re someone looking for an inexpensive blush(es) , or even if you’re a make-up artist in training then this palette is definitely for you. The beautiful array of colours is perfect for any skin tone , so be sure you’ll find a shade for you. 

I bought this palette at Dis-chem for R85.99 (I’m not even kidding guys) and the price is partly why I didn’t  wanna buy it sooner. I thought to myself  “if it’s this cheap it’s gotta be a bad product ” but alas, I was quite surprised.  For the amount of blush you get in each pan , this palette is a total STEAL. 

If you guys have it or you’re going to purchase it, do let me know how you found it and how it worked for you.


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