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Essence Matt Matt Matt Longlasting Lipgloss Review 

I was in Dis-Chem the other day and as usual I was browsing through the makeup aisle when lo and behold! I see the unpacking of the new Essence Cosmetics products. I was so excited I went along to the shelf and swatched almost everything. My hands were a complete mess afterwards but you guys know the struggle – swatches are totally compulsory rolls up sleeves.

I knew I wanted to pick up some of the new lip products because matte liquid lipstick is so popular, and having an affordable brand such as Essence come out with them is pretty awesome! Today I’m doing this review to hopefully help you ladies decide if this new lip product will work for you. Let’s get straight to it shall we rubs hands together


As you can see, the packaging is very simple. I guess it is because they want to keep the actual product affordable, in which case I approve. I like that the tube is see through and you can see which colour the actual lippy is.


Okay, so this doe-foot applicator is quite bulky. It feels very plastic like and also a little bit hard when applying to your lips but because it’s so big, its easy to use by using the tip to outline your lips and then using the side to fill them in.


These are not exactly matte but a semi-matte very mousse like formula. It applies a bit streaky and has a shine to it (perhaps that’s why it’s called longlasting lipgloss?). It doesn’t dry down and it transfers like crazy!!!sigh. Because of it’s mousse like texture though, it’s not drying and is pretty comfortable to wear. When it fades it leaves a very slight tint on your lips. It lasts for about 2 hours and sometimes less, depending on whether or not you’re eating/drinking/rubbing your lips together. It has a sweet, vanilla scent that isn’t too strong and goes away after a while. I actually think these are the exact same as the discontinued XXX Matt Effect Longlasting Lipgloss from Essence. The only difference is the colour selection and packaging. If I had to choose between the 2 products I would definitely choose the XXX Matt Effect one.

I have the shade 02 Beauty Approved but I’ve swatched all of the 5 shades for you.


 I don’t think you need these lippies in your life but perhaps that’s because it’s not what I am used to or what I expect from a matte lip product. I do however think that if you are new to matte lipstick/glosses, or just new to makeup in general and don’t want to spend R200+ on a lipstick, then this product will work okay for you. These are definitely great for all ages because it is quite affordable , you get a lot of product and it is easy to apply. I would suggest fully lining your lips first with a lip liner so the staying power is a bit better.

These retail for R49.99 each at Dis-chem, Clicks and selected Red Square stores. Let me know which shades you ladies picked up and how they worked for you.

Until next time.

Love you – you all MATTer to me peeks through my fingers because I can’t believe I’m so cheesy HAHA.


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