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Fake Makeup

Hi beauties. Today I wanna talk about fake makeup. Recently, I started seeing so, so many online stores selling fake makeup it’s disgusting! The sad part is , not everyone is well versed on what products are fake and what products are authentic, so people end up buying products without really knowing what type of harsh chemicals that said fake makeup contains. Usually it was kind of easy to spot fake makeup due to the price. I mean, nowhere in the world will you find a new, unused Kylie Lipkit for R150 and the mini birthday edition for R400.. but now that people are selling fake makeup at the price of an original, it’s sometimes hard to tell which is authentic and which isn’t. So, I’ve decided to take some screenshots of some fake makeup these online stores sell, so you ladies can see which products to look out and be wary for. 

Please note; I won’t be mentioning any of these online store’s names, because I don’t want to bad mouth anyone on my blog. Nah. This is meant to be a positive “space”. However, if you want to know which online stores sell 100% authentic makeup, I’ll list some of the names at the end of this blog post. And if you want to buy from a store that isn’t mentioned with the authentic sellers, feel free to send me an email/dm on Instagram (@stardustandlipstick) and I’ll look into it for you. 

Let’s get straight into it shall we; 

Kylie Cosmetics never released a powder so this 100% doesn’t exist and is therefore fake. 

Again, Kylie’s Ky Liner’s doesn’t look at all like the ones in the above picture. FAKE.

Anastasia Beverly Hills does NOT have beauty blenders. 

Neither does Mac. 

Kylie Cosmerics does not have lipsticks like these, only liquid lipstick. 

Mac does not have a concealer palette like this. The only concealer palette Mac has is a 6 pan palette. Ladies please know, you cannot buy original Mac products from anyone but official Mac stores, either their physical stores or on their website.  Unless you’re buying a pre loved item from someone who bought it  from them, that would be fine. 

Beauty Blender does not have a brush set. It’s fine to use non branded/replica brushes, but if an online store states these brushes are original you know to steer clear because if they’re selling products that’s fake yet claim it’s original, rather don’t buy their makeup. 

Again, Anastasia Beverley Hills does not have a brush set like this.

You can see this is fake. The original palette’s eyeshadows and blush etc is much more vibrant. Also the original retails for R1300 and the fake retails for R300. 

You can see this is fake as well. The craftsmanship is very poor. The pans are untidy and just looks cheap. Also this palette sold out very fast,so to have 15+ in stock for  R350 each screams fake fake fake. 

Urban Decay does not have a naked 3 brush set – fake.

The biggest Mac eyeshadow palettes are the 15 pan ones. The above does not exists and is therefore very much fake.

Kylie’s eyeshadow palettes does not look like this. Fake. 

Huda Beauty liquid lipsticks tetail for R550 – R650 each. Also in the above picture you can see the teeth  just looks like a white line. If it doesnt look like actual teeth it is fake. Below I have a picture of my original Huda liquid lipstick vs a fake so you can see the difference of the teeth

The original KoKo Kollection retails for R1200 and it is limited edition and sold out really fast, so for online stores to have 10 sets in stock, it raises red flags. 

Original Kyshadow retials for R1200+ . R220 for this palette means it is definitely a fake. Also you can see the swatches in theis picture doesn’t look creamy or well pigmented, like the swatches on Kylie’s page. Her swatches looks super vibrant and creamy and amazing. 

Naked 8 mascara? Fake honey. Fake. 

There is no such palette by Urban Decay. 

Again, none of these above palettes exists. Fake overload. 

None of these products were released by Kylie, hence it is fake fake fake. 

Kylie does not have black packaging for her lip kits. Alos 4 in 1 lipkits? Uhm.. no. Fake. 

Some more Urban Decay products that does not exist. They do have mascara, lipsticks and foundations etc but it does not look like the above pictured. 

Huda Beauty lip contours does not come in a set like this. They are sold individually for R490+ each. The original pencils doesn’t look shiny and cheap like these do in the above picture.  

Huda didn’t create any of the above products. The only eyeshadow palette she created thus far is the Textured Rose Gold palette. 

No where will you find a brand new Jefree Star palette for R260. No where. 
You can see the poor craftsmanship of this palette in this picture. The original is much neater and vibrant. 
Again, no where in the world will you find a brand new authentic Anastasia Beverly Hills brow express for R285. 

Mac concealer palettes comes in asquare 6 pan packaging. Not like these in this picture. 

The only brushes Kylie released are eye shadow brushes. Morphe  blush palettes contain 9 shades and is a complete different shape. 

Morphe has many brush sets, but nothing like the above picture. Morphe has eyeliners but no mascara’s and no sets.

Mac does not have a product like this – fake. 

If a glow kit is R300 it is definitely fake. Original glow kits goes for R850+ .

There are many, many more fake makeup products out there, but these were all I could find currently. I will keep updating this blog post as I find more… and ladies, it’s not only the above makeup that’s fake. I’ve been seeing fake Morphe, Colourpop, Dose Of Colours, Lime Crime, Benefit Cosmetics, The Balm Cosmetics, LA Girl (yes even this brand), Maybelline (seen so many fake Maybelline at China Malls) and so many more… so please be careful. Fake makeup contains so many gross, dangerous ingredients so rather steer clear of it. If you cannot afford high end makeup that’s completely okay. Just don’t settle and buy the fakes because it is very dangerous. Rather stick to your drugstore brands such as Maybelline, Essence, Catrice, NYX, Revlon, Wet n Wild , Loreal, etc.

Tip: If you are buying from someone online, don’t be scared to ask them for proof of authenticity. If they can’t send that to you, you know it’s fake. I posed this question to an online store and they blocked me. So yeah, I’m glad because it wasn’t like I was going to buy from them anyway. Advertising fake products as originals is quite frankly just NOT okay. It’s actually becoming a very big problem… but nonetheless, I hope you ladies learned a few things about fake and original makeup through this blog post. 

List of authentic third party sellers:


Pink Cosmetics


Makeup shhmakeup 

Laboutique za

 Best Beauty Buys SA

Fashion Police SA

(I’ll tag all all these stores in my picture on Instagram so you can follow my tag and be directed to their pages)

I’m sure there are more authentic third party sellers, but these are all I can think of at the moment. Will keep updating the list. 

Please note: I haven’t purchased from all of these stores yet, only a few. But I 100% trust these stores and would buy from them any day.


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