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A Day At Sea Forth Beach

Hello everyone. First off I am SO sorry for my lack of activity on the blog. I have no excuse really. I’ve just been so lazy and chill. I think the holidays does this to all of us? Or maybe it’s just me? peeks through fingers I’ve also been having crazy writers block as well as readers block sobs I so badly want to finish reading Heartless by Marissa Meyer, but I’ve been stuck on chapter 1 for almost 2 weeks!! My brain actually feels like a ball of fuzz and I’m just so chill about it… I have like 20 (no joke) reviews I need to write but writers block is kicking me quite hard… in the face. I hope to be more active in 2017. I’m also hoping to get my own domain and make my blog a bit prettier and more versatile. Anyways, let’s get into my actual blog post. 

A few weeks ago, my parents decided they wanted to go for a mini road trip and spend a day at Sea Forth beach for a picnic and some family time. We had a lovely day enjoying good food, fun and laughter, as well as each others company. 

It was my first time visiting Sea Forth. I took some pictures to share with you all and I thought I’ll do a little pro’s and con’s list for any of you looking for places to go/visit with your family during the holiday. Hopefully through this blog post you can decide whether or not you’ll enjoy visiting this particular beach. 

How absolutely beautiful doesn’t the water look? 

This was my view when I was laying down 

Random tree featuring some random people in the background 

View from the parking area 

Oh look, another random tree
Little flea market from afar 
Some of the goodies that was for sale. It’s all hand made and so pretty but SO expensive

Oops! Excuse my arm 

I loved these beaded clutches/purses but it was R350 and I would rather spend that money on makeup. Also, those dolls gave me the creeps shudders

How absolutely beautiful is this ostrich egg. Mashaa-Allah I love it! 

A group of African dancers and singers who peform for the tourists. They posed so I could take the picture. 

Views from our drive to the beach 


Ample parking 

Car guard (I know how paranoid some people get over their vehicles safety)

Plenty of shade (to set up your picnic or tent) 

Clean toilets (I actually hate public toilets SO much. I’m a germaphobe… but these toilets were very clean) 

Masjied in the area (for all my Muslim readers) 

Little flea market at the entrance of the beach (its crazy expensive though, but mostly it’s the tourists that actually buy anything.. it’s just little hand made South African products (see pictures) )

There’s a little cafe place right on the beach! It is so cute (not sure if it is halaal)


No braai spots

Kind of a long drive (for those who do not enjoy road trips) 

There you have it! Plenty of pros and only 2 cons. As you can probably tell I absolutely loved this beach. Although Gordons Bay beach will always remain my favorite. If you plan on visiting Sea Forth, do pack in your own food and snacks because as I mentioned there are no braai/bbq spots at all. On the drive there we did pass a KFC and some other food stores so perhaps if you’re not into packing a picnic basket, just pick up some food from any of those stores on your way. 

For my Muslim readers, the Masjied is a little bit far from the beach, so my family and I took whudu and made Salaah on our picnic blanket under a beautiful tree. I am in niqaab so our spot was secluded and lovely. My parents (may Allah bless them) looked for the perfect secluded spot, so that I could remove my niqaab and enjoy the breeze. When we were making Sallah It was just so amazing. You can hear the waves hitting the shore and the birds chirping…afterwards I actually thought to myself “Mashaa-Allah wow. I hope to be under a beautiful tree with my family in Jannah too, Ameen” it was definitely my favorite memory. Yes, people stare, but we should never be ashamed to Praise Allah in front of others… anyways, I just wanted to share this with my Muslim readers. Another pro I guess; Sallah friendly beach. What more could we ask for? 

If there are other lovely beaches/places you guys know of in Cape Town that’s nice, do let me know! 

Until next time, 

All my love. 


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