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7 Piece Bold Metals Brush Set Review

Hello everyone! Man, does it feel good to be back. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I was MIA due to an operation… I was in recovery and my Dr’s orders were to rest. It was hard to stay away from my blog, but it was for my health so I stuck it out. I’m healing nicely Alhamdulilah (all praise is due to Allah) and can now blog again. I have so many posts I want to write but I couldn’t decide which to do first. I did a little thinking and when I saw these Bold Metals brushes on my desk, just looking all pretty, I decided to review them first. 

I received these beauties from Best Beauty Buys to review. It is an unbranded set that are dupes for the Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection brushes. This set contains 7 brushes and I will go through each brush and their uses below. 
As usual, I wash any makeup tools before use and when I washed these there were no shedding. It dried relatively fast (1 day) and held it’s shape well. I just reshaped the powder brush after I washed it because it is a big brush and if you don’t reshape it, it might dry a bit out of control and untidy due to its fluffiness.

Unlike the ferrules and handles of the Real Techniques Bold Metals brushes that’s made of metal and is sort of heavy in your hand, these are made out of plastic and feels light and comfortable in your hand. The handles are very long, but you get used to it. 

I’ll start with the eye brushes 
Eyeliner / Eyebrow brush:I love how sturdy these bristles are. It’s not one of those eyeliner brushes that goes wonky and is too soft to “draw” your liner with. The bristles are even which means your eyeliner will be on fleek winks. For the brows I found this brush to be a bit too thick to apply brow pomade, but when using powder instead of pomade to fill in my brows, it worked well. 

Crease brush :This brush is bigger than I expected but it is one of my favorites from the set. It packs on color on the outer ‘v’ of my eye so well and applied eyeshadow to my crease nicely too. Granted it messed a bit because it is a big brush, definitely bigger than other crease brushes. I used just the tip to lightly blend color in my crease and again just the tip to pack on color on my outer ‘v’ and then lightly blended out a bit. Use a light hand when applying into your crease or outer ‘v’ so if the brush blends too high or too wide on your lid it’s easy to clean without wiping everything off. 

Blending brush :This brush is big too. It does an okay job of blending but isn’t very fluffy. Because of its size it sometimes blends too high (I have small ish lids) then my eyeshadow looks messy. I tried this brush to set my under eye concealer and it worked great for that. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not terrible at blending, it just wasn’t the right size or round and fluffy enough for my eyes. 

Face brushes 
Triangle Foundation brush :I was pretty curious to see how this brush would work because of its triangular shape. I applied my liquid foundation with it but it unfortunately looked very streaky. I did however like the shape of this brush. It’s quite easy to apply your foundation around the nose and under the eyes. I decided because of that I’d try and find another use for this brush so it won’t just sit in my brush holder. I then tried it applying my face masks and it did a great job at that! It got around my nose and around my eyes without any trouble. It spread the mask evenly and I found that it didn’t soak up a ridiculous amount of my product (charcoal mask) which is great. We all know how expensive face products can be and every little bit saved helps! 

Contour brush : I used this brush for powder contouring and it works okay. Not great though because it packs on a lot of color, and when trying to blend the color out it doesn’t look flawless and can look a bit muddy because the brush is very dense. I did however use the side of the brush to apply my powder highlighter and oh. my. highlight! shrieks in excitement it is my new favorite highlighter brush of all time. It replaces my Real Techniques Setting brush and I don’t see myself finding a better brush for highlighting anytime soon. It applied my highlight so evenly and my “glow” just looked way better than when I apply it using other brushes.

Blush brush : This is the PERFECT sized blush brush. I also used it to apply powder onto some areas of my face to “bake”. I love it. Period. 

Powder brush : I used this brush to remove the powder on my face used to “bake”. I also used it to blend my contour and blush lightly just to kind of “merge” the 2. It did a decent enough job at both. Definitely not the greatest powder brush but it gets the job done. The bristles are very soft and not prickly at all which is a plus. 

After using these brushes I was curious to know if they would be difficult to clean due to most of the bristles being white. I was so impressed that when I washed them after use they were completely clean. The only brush that stained was the eyeshadow crease brush. I did use it to apply cobalt eyeshadow though, so I think lighter colors will wash out completely just like the others. If it does stain and remains stained after washing it, it is fine. Stains are just stains and doesn’t mean the brush(es) are unsanitary or dirty. As long as you washed your brush(es) any stains that remain won’t harm or affect your skin. It also won’t stain your lids when using it again. 

Do I think this set is worth it? Yes. Especially since 1 Real Techniques Bold Metals brush is about R290 each and this entire 7 piece set retails for R295 which is about R42 per brush. It works out way cheaper than buying individual brushes.

Do I think you can create an entire look with these brushes? I do. I know R295 might seem like much but the brushes are good quality and so soft. If you take care of them correctly they should last a really long while.
These sets are available from Best Beauty Buys here for R295. There are 5 colors available: silver, gold, rose gold, black and mixed. Best Beauty also sells authentic international makeup brands and beauty products/tools. What I love about them is that they have a physical store in Somerset West, so if ever you want to view a product before purchase you can just pop in the store and get your fix.

*Disclaimer: I received these brushes for free but in no way did that affect my review. I value honesty and therefore I am always honest in my reviews. This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. 

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