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I don’t celebrate Valentine’s day, because I think making your significant other feel special and showing them your appreciation to have them in your life should not just be done on one day of the year, but rather everyday.. I know some will disagree with me, and that’s okay. I just think love should be celebrated everyday and not just on February 14th. I do however, LOVE the 50% off sale on chocolates the day after Valentine’s day grins guilty with a stuffed mouth full of chocolate being a chocoholic is tough stuff! 
Anyways, on to the exciting bit. 

I am hosting a small giveaway on my Instagram  (not associated with Valentines day) and thought I’d do a little blog post to show you all of the goodies you could win. The value of the giveaway is over R400. Let’s take a look at the goodies shall we: 

Small foldable mirror, great for your handbag or vanity

Essence The Pastels Nail Polish 
Lala Lips in Pineapple Pop. I love this lip balm. If you want to know why check out my review here
Skin Strategy Smoothening & Calming Face Mask, Urban Addiction Eyeliner Stickers. You can read my review on these here

Urban Addiction 6 Piece Eyebrow Stencil Set 
LA Girl mini Eyeshadow Palette 
Essence Lip Liner in Red Blush 
Urban Addiction Fantastic Four Dupe Blender set. Read my review here 
BraceletWhen I saw how cute this was in store I bought one for myself and one for the giveaway. I love how petite it is. So girly and cute. 

Makeup brush holder Perfect to store your makeup brushes/ liquid lipsticks. 

And there you have it guys. You could be the lucky winner to win all of these cute goodies. If you’d like to enter, simply visit my Instagram page and follow the rules on the giveaway post. 

I would like to thank Urban Addiction for sponsoring the blender set, eyeliner stickers as well the brow stencils for this giveaway. You can check out their Instagram online store here

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