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10 Piece Kabuki Brush Set Review

I have been testing this brush set I recieved from Best Beauty Buys for quite a while now and I am so excited to share my thoughts with you guys.

This is an unbranded 10 piece kabuki brush set. It reminds me very much of the BH Cosmetics 10 Piece Scupt And Blend Set. I haven’t got the BH Cosmetics set to compare this to, but it’s looks very much like dupes, don’t you think?

When I first opened these brushes the bristles smelt very much of glue (I guess its due to manufacturing) , but when I washed them the smell went away immediately. I did notice a few hairs shedding on 3 of the bigger brushes. Because it is a kabuki set, I didn’t have to reshape the bristles when the brushes dried. They took about 1 and a half days to dry completely. The bristles are synthetic and the handles are made of plastic but it isn’t too light, so it feels very comfortable and sturdy in your hand.

Face Brushes:

Tapered Foundation Brush : I tried applying my foundation with this but it went on streaky. I did however use it to blend out my cream contour and it worked really well for that. The bristles are very densely packed so my cream contour was evenly blended and not blotchy/patchy.

Angled Foundation Brush : Such a good foundation brush. The slightly angled/pointed tip gives you an almost buffed out look when blending your foundation. Just be sure the foundation formula you use is not too thick, otherwise it won’t blend evenly. I found that applying my foundation directly onto the this brush was a waste as it soaked up a lot of product, so I tried using my finger to “dot” the foundation on my face then used this brush to blend/buff it out and it didn’t soak up a lot of product that way. So heads up, just be sure to apply/dot your foundation directly onto your face then blend out using this brush so you don’t waste any valuable product. We all know how pricey foundations can be… gazes sadly into my purse

Flat Angled Foundation Brush: This is the PERFECT brush for Colourpop bronzers and blushes. To those of you who’ve tried Colourpop before, I’m sure you know it has a very mousse-like formula, so most fluffy blush/bronzer brushes doesn’t pick up the product well at all. You end up having to swirl and swirl and swirl your brush in your bronzer/ blush and still not get the desired amount of product on your face. But alas, this brush makes life so much easier. I just swirled it in my Colourpop blush once and sort of stippled it onto my cheeks. It looked so pretty. It was well blended and not patchy at all. I was all but ready to give up onColourpop  blushes until this brush came along. It just applies the perfect amount of blush/bronzer and I am so impressed. Just don’t swirl too hard or too much because this brush picks up product well so if you press / swirl the product too much, your cheeks will end up looking like a clown. Always start with a light layer of blush / bronzer as you can always build up product, but once you have a blob of product on your face it’s difficult to blend it out. I also want to mention, if you press hard with this brush it does feel prickly on your skin but not to the point where it hurts. Just use a light hand and apply blush/bronzer in a stippling motion.

Flat / Stippling Foundation Brush: I tried using this brush to stipple my foundation but it was very prickly and as a result my foundation looked streaky. I then tried using it to apply setting powder to my forehead, cheeks, tzone and jawline. It worked really well for that. It didn’t apply my setting powder unevenly so that’s a plus.

Round Powder Brush:My favorite brush out of this entire set. It is such a great multitasker. I used it blend my foundation, under eye concealer, and cream contour. I also used it to set my under eye concealer/bake, apply powder contour, highlighter, and blush. Let me just say, it did a GREAT job at applying everything. I am especially smitten with this brush because it applies the perfect amount of powder underneath my eyes to set my concealer. I found this brush small enough to “work” under my eyes and it isn’t prickly – like the other few brushes – so it didn’t irritate my (very sensitive) under eye area. When I was using this brush I thought it felt similar to another brush I own and sure enough, it is. I went hunting through my brushes and I found this brush to be a great dupe for the ELF Selfie Ready Powder Brush. You can see in the images below, these brushes look the same. The only difference is the ELF brush is slightly bigger and a little bit fluffier. Bristles and quality wise though, it is the exact same. 

Eye / Face Brushes 

Small Tappered Brush: I used this brush to apply color corrector around my nose (to cancel out redness) and I also used it to clean up around my eyebrows when I was done filling them in. This brush is very sturdy and firm and because of that it does a great job at “carving” out the eyebrow area. It is a bit big though so it won’t be suitable for precision “carving” but it does have a pointy tip so it works just fine for me. I’ve also used it “draw” on my highlight lines underneath my eye area and it worked good for that as well.

Small Flat Brushes:  These 2 brushes are exactly the same. It’s very wonky and didn’t apply eyeshadows well for me, but I did use it to set my eyeshadow primer (with setting powder) and it did a decent job at that. You could use it to apply your eyeshadows because it isn’t the worst eyeshadow blending brushes out there, but it isn’t the best either. I think I should mention though, that with some extra work at blending you could achieve a pretty decent eyeshadow look with these brushes, they just aren’t my personal favorites or what I look for in eyeshadow/blending brushes.

Small Angled Brush 

Small Flat Angled Brush:These 2 brushes are also very similar. They didn’t apply eyeshadows well for me either because again, there are quite wonky. I did however use these 2 brushes to highlight my cheekbones, the bridge of my nose and my cupids bow. It did a decent job at that and because it is so small and angled I used the angled side to highlight underneath my brows as well. You all know how much I love my highlight.

Do I Think This Set Is Worth It? Yes. I think this set will be a good purchase if you are in the market for an entire makeup brush set. The only brush I think this set needs is an eyeliner/eyebrow and a denser eyeshadow blending brush, but for the price this set is VERY worth it, especially since it has a great multi tasking dupe brush and includes 10 brushes.

Do I think you can create an entire look with this brush set? Uh-huh, you’ll just need to get an individual eyeliner/eyebrow brush to add to the set. I know I said the eyeshadow brushes didn’t work well for me personally to apply my eyeshadows.. but again, it can be made to work and hence can be used to apply a full face of makeup. Just be sure to pick up an eyeliner/eyebrow brush and you’ll be good to go!

This set comes in quite a few colors and is available from Best Beauty Buys hereIt is currently on sale for R150. Yes, you read right – R150 for a 10 piece brush set! That’s only R15 per brush and let me tell you, that’s way cheaper than even Essence brushes! Also, I payed R170 for my ELF brush but here you are getting an entire brush set for R150. It is so very worth it. They only have a few sets left so go go go! Order yours and let me know how you found them.

If you’re nervous about buying online, you can visit Best Beauty Buys at their physical store in Somerset West to get your fix. They have some amazing international makeup brands, beauty tools and more, in store as well as online. You can check them out here.

Disclaimer: I received these brushes for free but in no way did that affect my review. I value honesty, and therefore I am always honest in my reviews. This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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