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LA Girl Pro Coverage HD Long Wear Illuminating Foundation Review 

When I saw these new LA Girl foundations on the LA Girl Cosmetics websiteI absolutely could not wait for them to be released in SA so I could get my hands on them. Man, it was a long wait, but was it worth it? Keep reading to find out. 


I am quite impressed with this packaging. The older LA Girl Foundations looked very cheap to me. But these, these feel very light in your hand and looks so sleek and expensive, don’t you agree? I mean, it’s no Dior packaging but for a drugstore brand, they look and feel great. This packaging reminds me of the Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation

The container is clear (like many foundations) plastic so you can see the actual shade of the product. It has a pump dispenser which is great and makes life less messy. I had a foundation from the Maybelline Fit Me range (has since been discontinued) that you had to open and literally throw out onto the back of your hand/mixing palette. It was always a messy business so when I purchase foundations and find they have pump dispensers such as this one from LA Girl, my makeup loving heart jiggles. Like all – or most – foundations, it has all the ingredients as well as shade names at the back of the bottle.


This is a liquid formula. Its a teensy bit runny, but I quite enjoy formulas like these. It’s not thick so it’s easy to blend and work with. 


I’ve been testing this foundation for quite a while now, to really test the formula. I chose the shade Tan which is a perfect shade for me. I have combination skin and when I applied this after primer, it definitely had a subtle dewy effect which I love. It’s dewy without looking shiny. It did feel sticky when I was done applying it and took some time to “set”. I applied it using a silicone makeup applicator I received from Urban_Addiction , using one pump of foundation, it covered my entire face. I found this tool best to apply it as I tried using my Real Techniques expert face brush but it ended up looking too heavy. It looked obvious that I was wearing foundation. With the silicone applicator I used though, it sort of “melted” into my skin and gave a beautiful finish (see pictures below) 

I apply it with a Beauty Blender too, and the result is amazing. Better than application with the silicone sponge. 

This foundation feels super light weight and gives medium to buildable coverage. HOWEVER, theres only so much foundation you want to “build” onto your face before it turns into a cakey mess, so I would suggest you conceal/color correct your imperfections before applying the foundation. I concealed my under eye circles and applied this foundation on top, and the result was a beautiful ‘my skin but better’ effect. I dusted a layer of ELF HD Sheer translucent powder overtop and it gave me a semi-matte finish which I loved! Even with the powder, I noticed that the foundation started to fade around my nose area (which is the oiliest part of my face) during the day, but it isn’t extremely noticeable unless you are standing really close to someone. I touched up with some powder and I was good to go! It isn’t completely transfer proof, even though I set it with powder (I had stains on my hijaab) but to me that’s not a deal breaker because at end of the day, my face looked healthy and radiant. And the best part? It didn’t oxidize on me. Not even once throughout the day. Also, when I applied this foundation with the ELF powder overtop, I wanted to see how it photographed with a flash. The outcome: FLAWLESS photos! shrill excited screaming.

I think this foundation would fare well for dry/combination skin. But for oilier girls, I would suggest you use a mattifying primer as well as a really good setting powder, to keep everything in place. I also think you will need to blot throughout the day, but depends on how oily you are. I would suggest the next time you need to run errands at the mall, go to a Dis-chem store first and apply some of the foundation on your face. Finish all of your errands then when you are done, check how well the foundation fared and if you like it and how it wore on your face. If you’re happy with the results, definitely pick it up.


When used over primer and set with powder, these lasted a good 6 hours on me. It did start to fade around my nose area around the 3 hour mark. I touched up with powder twice throughout the day. 

Shade Range:

I love that these come in 16 shades. It also has 1 white mixer that can be used to custom mix any of the other colors. I picked up the white one as well, to lighten my foundation in Winter. 

Where To Purchase:

You can purchase these from Dis-Chem in store. They retail for R179 each. 

You can purchase the sillicone makeup sponge from Urban Addiction on instagram. 

Overall Thoughts:

I am completely smitten with this foundation! As you can see from the swatch picture, it blends beautifully with my skin. I will definitely repurchase this when I run low. It doesn’t feel heavy/cakey and I love that it doesn’t oxidize on me (like most other foundations do). It gives me the most beautiful, natural finish and I think it is definitely worth the hype. I know it is a bit on the pricer side, considering this is the most expensive product from the brand, but I do think for the amount of product you get and also the quality of the product, it is worth it. I haven’t used the white shade yet (besides hand swatched) but when I do I will post a separate review on how well it works to lighten my too dark foundations. 

Tip: if you cannot find your exact shade and the color you have is a bit off, use a concealer to highlight under your eyes, forehead and chin and it will sort of balance everything out. Bare in mind though, this tip might not work on everyone. It worked on my sister, so I thought it was worth a mention. 

If you have any other questions regarding this foundation just comment below and I will get back to you. 


  1. Kauthar

    Thanks for the review! I wish I could see it on your face though, I got the shade warm beige based on the skin tone of YouTubers and it was waaaayyy too light so wanted to see if tan or sand would suit me. Dischem at Canal walk has no testers left so can’t see it lol.

  2. Kauthar

    Thanks for the review! I wish I could see it on your face though, I got the shade warm beige based on the skin tone of YouTubers and it was waaaayyy too light so wanted to see if tan or sand would suit me. Dischem at Canal walk has no testers left so can’t see it lol.

  3. An Ordinary Gal

    This is a fantastic review!! LMAO @ it’s no Dior…. I wouldn’t know.. sniff I must say though, for some reason I don’t reach for this as much anymore. I should try it again.

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