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Molly Cosmetics SiliSponge Review 

Today I’m going to review this innovative new beauty tool that broke the internet: the original SiliSponge from Molly CosmeticsI’m sure you must have seen it all over social media and want to know if it really works, so today I will share my thoughts on it. 
Claims (from Molly Cosmetics) : 
“Wasting products is history now cos, of course, it doesn’t soak up a thing! The amount of liquid or cream products needed is about half the amount compared to directly using brush or sponge. ”
The inner material is made of silicone and the outer is thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) – a flexible plastic that’s resistant to oil and grease. It is 100% paraben and cruelty free. 
It comes packaged in a little zip lock bag, inside a bigger zip lock bag with the Molly Cosmetics logo in the front, and directions for use at the back. 
My Thoughts: 
I’ve tried this product with cream and liquid foundations, BB creams, tinted moisturizers and primers. First off I applied my primer and it applied easily and really well. When I applied my liquid foundation, I used 1 pump and when I started blending it out, there was too much product on my face. With the SiliSponge, makeup adheres to the skin and not the tool, so I decided to start over using less product.. I applied half a pump of the liquid foundation on the sponge, blending it out onto my face. Initially I blended in dabbing motions (like you do with a Beauty Blender) , but I soon realized that wasn’t the way to use this sponge (at least not for me). I then used dragging/slidding motions to blend and uh-huh, for me that was the way to go. 
When I was done blending I loved the finish I got with my liquid foundation. It was honestly airbrushed quality! (See pictures below) 
Oh, I didn’t have primer on here, by the way. Hence the texture on my handsHowever, with cream foundations it’s a different story. It’s best to apply the cream/stick foundation directly to your face and blend it out using the SiliSponge. Because the cream/stick foundations has a thicker consistency, blending it was difficult and took more time. I found it a bit hard to built with my cream foundation because the consistency is not runny like my liquid foundations which applied so easily. I found that with full coverage foundations, there would often be some product residue sitting on top of my skin and it was hard blending the full coverage foundation out because the excess product is always on the sponge,  and it caused the foundation to appear streaky and cakey. Despite it being harder to blend the full coverage cream/stick foundations, I still liked applying it with the SiliSponge. I just “buffed” out any streaks/product that was sitting on top of my skin using my Beauty Blender. Yes, it made my foundation application a 2 step process, but I really don’t mind as the amount of product I saved makes it quite worth it to me. For BB creams and tinted moisturizers, I also used considerably less product. I find that with liquid/runny products (BB cream,tinted moisturizer,CC creams) it doesn’t need to be buffed out with a Beauty Blender after the initial application, as the formulas sort of “melt” into the skin already giving a beautiful, air brushed finish. Just be sure to use a teensy bit of product as you can always build it up. 
I applied concealer and highlighter with the SiliSponge as well, but I find that it applies my under eye concealer very streaky. Because the sponge is silicone, Molly Cosmetics suggests holding the sides of the sponge and folding it to create a “point” for detailed application and that is exactly what I did to apply my under eye concealer. It’s tricky to hold it this way as it doesn’t provide a very good grip, and because of that it didn’t apply my concealer as well as I thought it would. I have very fine lines under my eyes, so I had to use a Beauty Blender to buff out the streaks in that area after using the SiliSponge. Around my nose though, it applied product really well and covered my slight redness amazingly. It didn’t lift off any product (I expected it to) or cause friction on my skin. It feels so soothing and soft when applying products. I wanted to see if I could contour with it too, as I loved how flawless my cream highlighter looked. Unfortunately, contouring with this sponge is messy and a big no-no. 
Is It Worth The Hype?
To me personally, it really is. I understand why is sold out nine times in one month! 
I can now invest in high quality foundations and know that half of it won’t end up on my brush/beauty blender. I am really surprised at the amount of product I used to cover my whole face. I mean, at this rate my foundation will last me about 2 months longer! I have been eyeing a Tom Ford foundation for MONTHS, and perhaps now I can finally take the plunge to purchase it as I know with using the SiliSponge to apply, it will last longer and make it worth the splurge. 
Unlike my Beauty Blender which should be replaced every few months, the SiliSponge won’t need to be replaced at all if you take care of it. Molly Cosmetics suggests keeping it out of the sun and direct heat, and only replacing it once there is any damage to the outer lining. Make sure to keep away from your tweezers and sharp objects! 
How To Clean: 
I love how super hygienic this product is. I am so OCD about cleaning makeup tools *sigh*.  This is by far the easiest tool to clean. Simply use some mild soap and lukewarm water, pat dry and store it until your next use. That’s it! Easy peasy!
Where To Purchase: 
You can purchase the original Molly Cosmetics SiliSponge from Best Beauty Buys here. The sponge retails for R420 but considering how long it will last you (if you take care of it) and how much cash you’ll save in products, it will be so worth it in the long run. Best Beauty Buys also has the dupe version of the sponge available here. If you want to test it out before splurging on the original, give it a go. They have some cute colors and designs in stock (see picture of dupe below). If you enjoy it, I would suggest you take the plunge and purchase the original as it is made with much better, higher quality materials. The original feels softer too. 
I have seen many stores selling the dupe, but so far Best Beauty Buys is the only store I know of selling the original. Thank you, Best Beauty, for bringing us SA makeup lovers the original, raved about SiliSponge!
Molly Cosmetics released a new version of this sponge in January, called the StarDust SiliSponge. It is a perfect circle and fits in most cushion foundations/BB/CC creams. It has silver flecks of glitter inside and I love the grey color. How very celestial? I definitely need it. Since it is called StarDust, I think it is a sign! *dreamy eyes* (picture taken from Molly Cosmetics website) 
Which version of the SiliSponge do you like better? The OG or the StarDust? Let me know in the comments below! 
*Disclaimer: I received both SiliSponge applicators from Best Beauty Buys free of charge but that in no way affected my review. This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. 


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    Thanks for providing this detailed review of the product. I’ve been holding back on purchasing a SiliSponge and this review helped me understand the challenges faced in using it and the ways in which it can be advantageous. Great review!

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