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Essence Lights Of Orient Eyeshadow And Bronzer Review 

When I saw these Essence Lights Of Orient products in Clicks, I knew I wanted to pick up a few things. These past few months I haven’t been loving the Trend Editions we had on our shelves and didn’t purchase any new Essence products in a while, but that changed when I saw the Lights Of Orient Trend Edition. The collection includes 3 lipsticks, 2 bronzers, a body splash, nail polishes, eyebrow pencils, a eyeshadow palette, a highlighting stick and body and cuticle tattoos. I’m really bummed that we didn’t receive the blush and blush brush from this collection. The blush looks so incredibly pretty and the brush looks pretty decent too. I’m not sure why we often don’t get all of the products in Trend Editions. I really, really hope that changes soon and that we get all items from future Trend Editions. 

I only purchased the bronzer and eyeshadow palette so I will review both in this post. 

Eyeshadow Palette in We ❤ Arabian Nights (R84.95)


The shadows are housed in a black plastic compact. The top has a gold lining and a super cute orienal pattern. It’s sturdy and has a decent sized mirror and small brush. The brush isn’t good but I think for beginners it’s okay.

Texture, Performance & Longevity:

I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised by this palette. The texture is soft, almost silky, and quite easy to work with. There is fallout, but that can be expected at the price of this palette. They don’t last long without primer, but with primer these lasted a good 5 hours on my lids. The vibrancy of the colors did start to fade after about 2 hours, but it didn’t look terrible. There are 5 shimmer shades and one matte shade. The matte shade is chalky but can be build up and blended to work. The shimmer shades are all soft and decently pigmented, but I did find the lightest shade can be a bit crumbly. It applies nicely but sort of crumbles on my lid? I hope you guys understand what I am saying. I think it is because the lightest shade was the softest, so as a result it’s mushy and crumbles. I applied it to my brow bone with my finger, and found that it applied much better than with my brush. 

I love experimenting and trying many things with one product, so I tried filling my brows with the matte shade in this palette. It worked great! The color matched my eyebrows really well and I just set it with a clear brow gel. 

I went on and tried the shimmer eyeshadows as highlighters and ugh. How cute! Below I have only swatched the cream and gold shade together. How pretty?! You can also use the pale pink and gold, or cream and pink if you are fair and want to use this as a highlighter. 

I went even more crazy with experimenting! I done my eyes, brows and highlighter with this palette and used the Oriental Beauty bronzer to warm up my face. All I needed was some blush. I decided to mix the pale pink and cranberry shade and apply it as a blush. As you can see below it’s quite pretty, BUT it was too shimmery to pull off with a shimmery highlighter as well. I tried it again the next day, without highlighter. It was definitely a pretty pink blush and just gave me a healthy flush to my cheeks. It does have shimmer, but I sometimes love shimmery blushes, so this wasn’t completely out of my comfort zone. If however you’re someone who doesn’t enjoy shimmer, that’s okay. Just give this hack a pass winks 

This little palette reminds me so much of the NARS Unfiltered II Palette The inside looks so similar, don’t you think? 

Personally I think this palette is more suited for Autumn and Winter, based on the rosy tones. But this is one of my favorite palettes from Essence cosmetics so far. I love that the top row is cool toned and the bottom row is warm toned shadows. It makes it quite versatile for fair and darker ladies. I just wish it had 4 matte shades, instead of just 1. Also, I really think Essence needs to start putting transition shades in their eyeshadow palettes. It will make it so much easier as we won’t have to go through our other eyeshadows looking for a good transition shade to match the eyeshadow palette we plan on using. sigh c’mon Essence. Transition shades next time, pretty please! 

Essence Bronzer in 02 Oriental beauty (R63.50)


This bronzer comes in a standard Essence compact, except this one isn’t round like most all other compacts from Essence. The packing is clear sturdy plastic, and the actual product is so beautifully embossed! I really have to take a hat off to Essence, for always having such cute details on their products. Often I’m too afraid to use embossed products as I don’t want to ruin it smiles shyly 

Formula, Performance & Longevity:

Again, so very surprised with this product. I honestly didn’t expect much because when I swatched it, it didn’t look promising. When I applied it to my face it was a different story. I have NC43 skin and I have been loving this bronzer lately. It shows up pretty well on my skin without looking orange or flat. It has a satin finish even though it claims to be matte. It has a very subtle sheen to it when mixed with the shimmer centre, but without it has a satin finish which I quite like. It adds the perfect amount of warmth to my face without looking muddy or harsh and looks very natural. It does have a bit of powder kick up but I find with a fluffy powder brush it applies and blends really well. Both the bronzer and highlighter centre is finely milled. I did however find that the highlighter didn’t show up very well on my skin. It is buildable, but I only like to “build” so much before I feel it is too much. I tried it on my cousin who has is NC30 skin, and it looked way better on her. It was subtle, but still noticeable and very natural. Both the highlighter and bronzer lasted about 6 hours on me before it started to fade. Not bad for a drugstore product! 

I know the bronzer doesn’t show up well in these pictures, but it shows up beautifully on my face. 

I also used the bronzer as a transition shade for my eyeshadow, and the highlighter to highlight the inner corners of my eyes. Yay for using products in multiple ways! 


I am really impressed with these products. The bronzer is my go to for everyday and if I find another in store I definitely want to purchase it as a back up. I think formula, packaging and price wise this Trend Edition knocked it out of the park. I am so excited for the next Trend Edition as I have high hopes for it and hope it is even better than this one! fingers crossed

Where To Purchase:

You can purchase the Essence Lights Of Orient Trend Edition products from Clicks and Dischem stores. Hurry though, Trend Editions usually sell out really fast! Clicks currently has 3 for 2 on Essence products (yes, including this Trend Edition) so you better get your fix before it’s all gone!

Have you tried any of the Lights Of Orient products? How did you find them? 

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