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Pink Cosmetics Yummy Watermelon Lip Scrub Review

With winter just around the corner, and me wearing matte lipsticks almost everyday, my lips has been getting quite dry lately and needs some extra TLC. I’ve finally found a lip balm that I love, but when my lips are very dry I need to exfoliate first.I was using a DIY lip scrub but I didn’t like it one bit. The honey – I used a raw varient – was too thick, sticky and gooey for my liking. Lucky for me, Pink Cosmetics sent me their watermelon lip scrub to try. Claims (taken from Pink Cosmetics

“Be the envy of your friends with soft kissable lips thanks to our lip-smacking and oh so yummy lip scrubs. You may be tempted to eat these yummy delights, and that would be okay. These babies are made from completely natural ingredients and are 100% edible. Fine granulated sugar crystals act as an excellent exfoliator, removing dead skin and leaving a beautifully smooth finish. With nourishing jojoba oil, our lip scrubs are highly moisturising and a great solution for dry or chapped lips. Ideal for use once or twice weekly, you can gently buff away dry flakes and experience the decadence of our magical flavours including mint mojito, watermelon, creamsoda and other vibrant ingredients inspired by nature.”


Sucrose, Jojoba Seed Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Skin Safe Colourants And Flavors. Performance:

Now, I never understood the importance of exfoliating one’s lips. Over the years I’ve learnt that exfoliating your lips regularly is an excellent way to remove impurities such as flaky, dead, chapped or dry skin cells. It also minimizes the appearance of dark spots/marks on the lips. To properly moisturize chapped lips and keep them plump and soft, you need to get rid of the flakes and dead skin cells before your hydrating balms can really get in there, else the lip balm/ lip treatment will just sits atop all of the dead skin cells – shudders internally – and won’t work like it’s supposed to. I’ve been using this lip scrub from Pink Cosmetics for about a month now – on and off – and every time I use it, my lips feel smooth and baby soft. I take a small amount (about a pea size) and massage it in a circular motion for about a minute. It is very fine, yet grainy enough to exfoliate adequately. It doesn’t sting, irritate, or leave my lips feeling ravaged. I am also happy to report that there is no stickiness postscrub. This flavor is delightfully packed with all natural ingredients and smells so good. I chose the watermelon variant because I love watermelons, and this smells exactly like it. Whenever I’m using it I have the sudden urge to eat it. It seriously smells that good. 

Just remember, the skin on your lips is super thin and fragile, so going overboard can create a vicious cycle. Therefore, I would suggest exfoliating your lips only once or twice a week.

Only when I am planning to wear a super matte lipstick and see that my lips needs some prep, would I then exfoliate again, but only for about 30 seconds and thereafter apply my lip primer/balm followed by my matte lipstick. It prevents the lipstick from clinging to dry spots/cracks and makes the lipstick look smoother and last much longer. 

If your lips are extremely chapped and bleeding, I would suggest you wait until it heals a bit before you exfoliate. When it has healed exfoliating will help prevent it from getting that dry and chapped again. 

The Pink Cosmetics lip scrub needs to be used within 3 months – after which you’ll need to replace it with a new one – so just be sure to keep track of how long you have it. 

Where To Purchase:

You can purchase these yummy lip scrubs from Pink Cosmetics here. They retails for R70 each. It is filled to the brim, and has a lot of product in. 

It comes in 4 different flavors: 

  • Watermelon
  • Mint
  • Bubblegum 
  • Cremesoda

Some benefits you will get after exfoliating your lips on a regular basis: 

  • Evens out the lip texture.
  • Lip discoloration, including darkness, blackness, dark spots or melanin pigmentation become faded by regular exfoliation.
  • Lips will look more healthy, beautiful and natural.
  • Exfoliation eradicates dry, scaly, dead or cracked skin cells over the lips.
  •  Exfoliants with olive oil, coconut oil or honey moisturizes dry lips, keeping them soft and plump. 

So, you see, exfoliating one’s lips does have benefits. It has become a part of my skin care regime and I would recommend you to start incorporating it into your regime – if you haven’t yet – as well. 

Thank you for reading! I hope you all have a wonderful long weekend. 

Disclaimer: I received this lip scrub from Pink Cosmetics free of charge, but this in no way influenced my opinion of the product. This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. 


    • Starluster

      Me too! I never used to exfoliate my lips until I learnt about the benefits. I haven’t tried the other flavors but this one legit smells so SO good

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