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How To Clean Your False Eyelashes 

As much as I love a great pair of false lashes, I don’t wear them very often because they can be pretty expensive, and some of them doesn’t last more than 2 wears. So, seeing that I reviewed some Line Spring lashes in yesterday’s blog post, I thought I’d follow it up with how to clean your lashes, to get the most out of them. 
You may have noticed that all lashes aren’t created the same, especially if they are different brands. Some of them have shorter life spans than others. For me, lashes with thick bands usually lasts much longer than those with thin bands. Yes, thick lash bands are much harder to apply, but they do give you more wears because of their durability. Don’t be disheartened though, because if you love invisible lash bands, they can also last you a good amount of wears depending on how well you take care of them. Taking care of your falsies can have a big effect on how long they last. Have you ever noticed the gunky mixture of eyeshadows and glue stuck along the band of your lashes when you remove them? Uh-huh, that needs to be cleaned before you can wear the lashes again, because they’ll need to be re-glued for the next application. Applying glue over previous gunky glue residue will make the lashes look cakey and terrible on your eyes. Also, it’s gross. Just like you wash your face after you remove your makeup, you also need to wash your lashes before you put them away. By keeping them clean you’ll not only increase their lifespan but it will also keep your eyes safe and bacteria-free. 

How To Clean Your Lashes: 

  1. Remove Them: peel them off with your fingers or tweezer. I perfer using my fingers. 
  2. Gently Peel Off Glue Residue: I do this with a tweezer. If you struggle to remove the glue, just move on to the next step and remove the glue afterwards. 
  3. Create A Cleaning Solution : fill a small bowl/sink with warm water (not too hot) and add some liquid makeup remover. Alternatively you can fill a small bowl with some Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. 
  4. Soak For 30 – 45 Minutes: Letting the lashes soak in the makeup remover and water solution/ Micellar Cleansing Water will help dissolve excess glue and makeup. 
  5. Remove Remaining Glue: If you struggled to remove the glue in step 2, it should be easier to remove them now. The glue often comes off in one strip, but sometimes it comes off in pieces. Just be gentle. You can use either your fingers or a tweezer. 
  6. Use A Qtip : if there are any remaining makeup stains, wet a qtip with makeup remover/micellar water and wipe them down. 
  7. Brush Out:  using a spoolie, brush through the lashes. 
  8. Store And Dry: store them back in their half moon trays and press the band gently onto the curve. This will keep the band in shape and flexible. Leave the container open so they can dry. As soon as they are dry close the container, after all, you just cleaned them.  Keeping dust out is important. Once the lashes are dry and your container is closed, simply store them in your makeup drawer/organizer for their next use. 

And that’s it! Easy peasy. If you have any tips or would like to share how you clean your lashes, please do so in the comments. I would love to hear from you. 

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