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Kiki Beauty Make-up Ready Natural Radiance Moisturizer Review 

With Winter right on our doorsteps, my skin has become a little dry of late. I have combination skin, but in Winter my skin tends to dry out. We all know that applying makeup on dry skin can cause flakiness, creases, bumpiness and texture. Because of this, using a good moisturizer before your makeup application is crucial. Failing to prep your skin properly can cause nasty breakouts as well as clog your pores. It can also negatively affect the outcome of your look, which means your makeup will require more touch ups throughout the day. Before you apply any makeup products on your face, you have to prep and take care of the skin underneath first. At the end of this blog post, I’ll share some tips on how to choose the perfect moisturizer. 

Kiki Beauty sent me their Make-up Ready Natural Radiance Moisturizer to test and review. Kiki Beauty is a luxury skincare brand and they currently have 3 ranges available: 

  • Make-up Ready Range 
  • Skincare Range 
  • Hand And Bodycare Range 

The product I’m reviewing today is part of their Make-Up Ready Range

Claims (taken from Kiki Beauty) :

“Make-Up Ready Natural Radiance Moisturiser is a delightfully delicate and gentle face moisturising cream which dazzles the senses when applied to the face.  The Radiance Moisturiser, Step 1 of the Make-Up Ready process, provides a surge of hydration and moisture as it works to revive the healthy tone and texture of the skin.
This multi-tasking moisturiser will transform a dull and flat complexion into one that is youthfully radiant and gorgeously glowing.  KiKi’s Natural Radiance Moisturiser is hydrating and creamy without being oily and heavy.  Suitable for providing a balanced, healthy looking skin for both dry and oily skin types.”

Important Ingredients (taken from Kiki) :

Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) – Helps to revive skin’s healthy tone and texture.

Avocado Oil (Persea Gratissima Oil) – Rejuvenates skin and helps to improve skin elasticity.

Hydrolysed Candida Saitona Extract – Extract from a fungi obtained from a fermentation process.  Helps to detoxify and repair skin, helps with anti-ageing and helps to restore skin’s natural radiance.

Allantoin – Soothes and softens skin.  Provides moisture to the skin.

Packaging: This product comes in a plain white tube with black writing and an unsrewable lid. It comes packaged in a beautiful black box with silver glitter. I adore the packaging of these products. Personally, I think it looks very high end. The tube contains 50ml of product. 

Consistency: The consistency of this product is thin and feels very hydrating and smooth. It’s doesn’t feel oily or sticky. 

My Experience: 

Because this is a makeup ready moisturizer, I only used it when I was wearing a full face of makeup, which is not every day. There are many days where I don’t wear any makeup at all, to allow my skin to breathe. I did however want to test this moisturizer properly, so I wore foundation for 3 days, BB cream for 3 days, and tinted moisturizer for 3 days. Each time I used this moisturizer before applying anything else to my face. I wanted to see how well it would work with different types of products. The first time I applied this product I was impressed because it didn’t sting my skin or leave a tingly feeling. I squeezed a little in my palm, rubbed my palms together and “pressed” the product onto my my entire face, excluding the area around my eyes. It has a very thin consistency and felt a little sticky, but it does take a while to dry down on the face. I did my eyebrows in the meantime, so the moisturizer could dry properly. It is very important to let your moisturizer dry, else it will move your foundation around on your face/ cause it to slip, which is not a good look at all. After I did my eyebrows, the moisturizer was dry and the stickiness was gone. It didn’t feel greasy/oily and didn’t make my face look shiny either. It’s kinda like my skin just soaked it all up, which is quite cool, you know? I then applied a primer to my cheeks and nose and thereafter applied my foundation, concealer,contour, powder, blush etc. My skin looked a tad bit smoother and not so flat, but rather healthy and a little bit radiant. The moisturizer is very lightweight, so it didn’t feel like I had 10 layers of products on my face. Sometimes, certain face moisturizers clogs my pores so bad that it feels as if my face is hyperventilating. I’m pleased to say that this moisturizer didn’t cause that reaction. When I used this under my BB cream, my face looked smooth and plump. When I used it under my tinted moisturizer, it gave my skin a subtle glow, even when set with powder. I know you’re probably thinking “why does it have different effects with different products?” (ie: foundation, BB cream, tinted moisturizer). It has different effects because foundation, BB cream and tinted moisturizers all have different consistencies and often different ingredients. Foundation is medium – full coverage, BB cream is light coverage, and tinted moisturizer doesn’t give any coverage but evens out the skin. So, you see, it worked a little differently with different products, but overall it worked well with all of them and I like how it makes my skin feel. I have combination skin, so my tzone is quite oily sometimes. I expected the moisturizer to cause oiliness throughout the day – more so than usual – but gladly it didn’t. It also didn’t cause my foundation to crack/move throughout the day. It smells a little bit like sun screen mixed with roses, but it isn’t too overpowering and goes away after the product dries. When I removed my makeup at night, my skin felt smoother than it usually does. Usually when I remove my makeup, my skin feels a little tight and stiff, but not with this product. My skin felt smooth and hydrated, and when I washed my face with some face wash and applied my nighttime face care regime, I didn’t have any adverse reactions or sudden break outs. 


I think this product will fare amazing, for Winter especially! It feels oh-so-good on the skin and is gentle too. If you have dry skin, or even oily skin, I would recommend you to try this moisturizer for Winter. I have combination skin and it worked pretty great for me. 

Where To Purchase:

You can purchase Kiki Beauty products from their online store. They are a proudly South African company, which is quite exciting! The Make-Up Ready Natural Radiance Moisturizer retails for R360 per 50ml. All of their products are: 

  • Paraben Free
  • Sulphate Free
  • Mineral Oil Free
  • Petrolatum Free
  • Cruelty free
  • Made in South Africa 

My Tips On Choosing Moisturizers: 

Choose According To Your Skin Type:  You can get oil-free, extra heavy, or in between moisturizers. Oil-free or light moisturizers are best for people with oily, combination, or normal skin. Heavier moisturizers are better suited for for dry skin, but because of their heavy/thick consistency, they can be a slippery base for your foundation and other makeup. If you struggle with breakouts or oily skin, look for an oil-free moisturizer that is non-comodogenic. Find a moisturizer that you like and enjoy. You don’t have to use the same moisturizer on your entire face. If you have dry skin on some areas, use a heavy moisturizer for that. If you have oiliness on some areas, use a lighter moisturizer for that. Play around with it and see what works best for you. Also check your foundation ingredients. Dewy foundation or foundation for drier skin usually has moisturizer in it already. If you use this type of foundation, I would suggest you use a lighter moisturizer, so you don’t overdo the moisture. If you do not know your skin type, you can go to a salon for a skin analysis (I went for one last year) and the therapist will sort it out for you. 

SPF: if your moisturizer doesn’t have any SPF in it, I strongly suggest you get a product with SPF to apply over your moisturizer. Some foundations and BB creams contain SPF, in that case you won’t need to apply sun screen. However, if none of the products you have contain any SPF, rather get a good sun screen/balm you can apply before/after your moisturizer/foundation. Don’t underestimate the importance of using SPF. Over time the sun will damage your skin horrendously, and can cause fine lines, wrinkles, rapid aging, pigmentation and even skin cancer. Even when it is overcast, your skin still gets affected by UV rays.

Moisturizers Should Not Only Be Applied During The Day: Ideally, you need two moisturizers. One for day time that is light and includes SPF, and one for night time that is heavier. Before you apply makeup, use the lighter moisturizer, so your face doesn’t feel clogged. Check that your daily moisturizer contains at least SPF 15 to protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun. 

Lips:  When you’ve found a good moisturizer for your face, don’t forget your lips. Find a good lip balm/lip oil to fend off flakiness and cracks. Just like you moisturize your face, you need to moisturize your lips as well. My favorite lip balm is from Kiki Beauty. Follow this link to read my thoughts on it. 

That’s it guys. I hope you found these tips helpful. 

Disclaimer: I received this product from Kiki Beauty free of charge, but that in no way influenced my opinion on the product. This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. 


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