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Pink Cosmetics Floral Bath Soak Review 

With water restrictions in Cape Town, I opt to take showers instead of baths, because it’s more efficient and I feel it is quicker, which means saving water. Because of the restrictions, I limit taking a bath to when I feel really stressed and need to unwind/relax. So far, I’ve taken a few baths with the Pink Cosmetics Floral Bath Soak, and I am ready to give my feedback. Claims (from Pink Cosmetics) : 

“Indulge yourself in a bath with real flowers, let your skin be infused with powerful antioxidants and skin-softening nutrients. Breathe in the aroma and let go every trace of tension of the day…”

Ingredients (from Pink Cosmetics) :

“Mini Rose buds, Erica flowers, Chamomile Flowers, Jasmine Flowers, Lavender flowers , Patchouli hibiscus and Oris root powder.”

The product comes packed in a beautiful glass jar with cork stopper. I will definitely reuse this jar for my bath crystals/foot soaks once I’ve finished the floral soak. 

When I first opened it, the smell reminded me instantly of lemon grass leaves – better known in the Cape Malay Islamic Community as “rampies”. It smells like “rampies” mixed with lavender and other lovely smelling leaves/petals. It also contains chamomile leaves, which is very calming. Pink Cosmetics suggests using the product for bathing, facial steaming or as a foot soak. I personally haven’t tried using it as a facial steam because I get extremely claustrophobic, but I have tried it as a bath and foot soak and really enjoyed using them both ways. 

You might be wondering why the water is blue? Well, my sinus was acting up, so I added some Radox bath salts to the bath. 

The floral soak didn’t irritate my skin at all, as it is 100% natural! The only thing I need to mention is the petals can sort of stick to your skin and tickle a bit. I didn’t mind, but if you’re someone who doesn’t like things floating about in your bath, don’t fret, because I have a solution for you! I have a little tea bag strainer that came with a mug I bought not too long ago. It has a little open and close latch, so I would suggest getting something like that and putting the petals in there, then adding it into your bath. 

When I was done bathing, I felt calm, less stressed, and slept really well that night. 
If you’re like me and you enjoy aromatic “therapeutic” products, I would definitely suggest you give this floral soak a go. It is 100% natural and smells real nice. I love that you can use it for bathing, soaking your feet, or steaming your face. Talk about a triple threat! 

I must say guys, I am completely and utterly impressed by all of the products Pink Cosmetics sent me to try. Every product comes packaged so nicely and with such care. I still cannot believe these products are hand made. I’ve reviewed the Pink Cosmetics Solid Brush Cleaner here, Designer Fragranced Bath Bombs here, and Yummy Sugar Lip Scrub here

Where To Purchase:  

You can purchase this Floral Bath Soak here, or any other Pink Cosmetics products here. The bath soak is so affordable and retails for only R90. 

Disclaimer: I received this Floral Bath Saok from Pink Cosmetics free of charge, but this in no way affects my opinion on the product. This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. 


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