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10 Piece Oval Brush Set Review 

Ever since unicorn makeup brushes became popular, the previously hyped about oval brushes has been left far, far behind. Today I will be reviewing a gorgeous Oval Brush Set, shining the spotlight on oval brushes once again. I’ve been testing this set for 2 months, so I can really give you my thoughts on durability/quality. 
First off, I adore the color of these brushes. It’s a mix between gold and rose gold and looks so chic. Hello Tumblr worthy flat lays. 

The brushes comes fitted in a plastic holder inside a cardboard box. If you turn the box around, you’ll see what each brush looks like. 

Unfortunately this set does not come with a manual on how to use each brush, but I will go thorugh them one by one and explain how I used them. 

Big Oval Brushes:

Extra Large Oval:I used this for body make-up. It’s quite large hence it makes it easy to buff make-up into the skin. You know when you’re getting ready for an all girls event, and you’re busting out your ‘Little Black Dress’ but your neck is lighter than you’re face, so you need to blend foundation down your neck and across your shoulders as well? Yeah, well, this brush makes it super easy. Because it is so big, it blends your foundation in no time. I also use it to apply powder all over my face to “set my make-up” , but I don’t like using it that way. If you want to use it for powder though, just be sure to use a light hand, as pressing too hard can move your foundation around. 

It can be used to apply foundation to the face as well, but it’s just too big for me. 

Large Oval:I use this brush for foundation and really like how densely packed the bristles are. It doesn’t soak up too much product which is a plus. I dot the foundation on my face and blend. I tried putting the foundation directly on the brush, but I’ve found doing it that way makes my foundation look uneven, which is not the look I aspire toward. It doesn’t apply my foundation flawlessly, so I just go over streaks with my Beauty Blender. 

All of the larger brushes can be used for foundation, but personally I like the size of this one for face foundation. It all depends on your personal preference. 

Medium Oval:I use this brush to blend my forehead and jawline cream contour. I also use it to apply powder blush, but because the bristles are so dense, the color applied way too pigmented on my skin, big no no. I then applied cream blush but dipping the brush directly into the product picks up way too much, due to the density. I then dotted some cream blush on my cheeks and blended it out. I really like how flushed my cheeks looked thereafter. It didn’t look uneven or like a clown. If you’re planning on using this brush for cream/liquid products (foundation/blush/liquid bronzer etc) I would suggest dotting the product on your face and not dipping your brush directly into the product. 
I wouldn’t recommend using this brush for powder makeup, it just picks up way too much product. 

Small Oval:I use this brush to blend concealer, contour, highlight, bronzer, and “baking”. I prefer super fluffy, airy brushes for “baking” , but it can still be achieved using this brush. The brush is really dense though, so again, it picks up a lot of powder. If you are fond of heavily “baking” your face, this brush would be ideal to do so. 

Extra Small Oval:This is my favorite brush in the set. Because of it’s size, it is really universal. I use it to blend out my nose contour as well as blending out my eyeshadow primer. I also really like using it to buff out liquid illuminators on my cheek area. 

Linear Brushes: 

Large Linear: I use this brush to precisely “draw” on my nose contour lines. I also use it to apply highlighter/light eyeshadows underneath my eyebrows, to give it a “lifted” effect. 

If you have sparse areas at the front of your hairline, you could use this brush to “fill” it it with eyeshadow and hairspray. Sprits some hairspray on your hair, dip the brush is some eyeshadow (same color as your hair) and brush lightly through. Use a light hand as you don’t want it to look unnatural/untidy. 

Medium Linear:  I tried doing my eyeliner and brows with this brush, but it was unfortunately much too big. Instead I use it to clean up my lips after applying lipsticks. The shape is pretty ideal to clean up lipstick and isn’t too wide. 

Small Linear:I tried this brush with brow pomade but it made a mess. I then tried using it with brow powder and while it looked tons better, it’s still too bulky to apply product neatly/precisely. I love using this brush to “clean” up around my eyebrows. It only takes me about 1 minute to clean up BOTH eyebrows using this brush. 

I tried using it to apply cream eyeliner as well as eyeshadow underneath my water line to give a smoked effect, but I didn’t like the results so I stopped using it that way. 

Small Round Brushes: 

Round Flat: This is the only brush in the set that was a bit uneven on the one side. I just trimmed it, and it was even again. 

I use this brush to pack on shimmer eyeshadows to my lid, and to apply liquid lipsticks. For lipsticks, I start with the outer corner of my lips, moving inwards. It gives an opaque finish, but I find darker lipsticks comes out patchy and needs another layer of product. I also used it to apply lip scrub on my lips, and find it gentle enough to exfoliate my lips without being too hard/harsh. 

Small Round: This brush is densely packed, but does an okay job at applying eyeshadows to the crease. I also used it a few times to spot conceal a pimple or 2… Okay it was 4 pimples. 

The bristles and handles of these brushes feels very sturdy, compared to other oval brushes I’ve used. I had a plastic oval brush, and when I used it I thought it would break it half, because it felt flimsy in my hand. I’ve since gotten rid of it because it is uncomfortable to use. It always felt like it would give in the middle of blending. When I wash these brushes I struggle to get product out of the inside of the bristles, but I use a little Clicks No Name Tangle Teaser to clean out the inside and all of the product that’s stuck then washes out with ease. Over the 2 months I’ve used this set, there were some shedding, but not too much. They do take a while to dry properly – about 3 days. They hold their shape well because of how densely packed the bristles are.Another thing I need to mention is when using these brushes, dont press too hard. If you do, if causes friction and that is quite uncomfortable. We need to be gentle with out skin, ladies. So light hand always. 

You in no way have to use the brushes the way I do. There’s really no rules. If you want to apply brow pomade with the small linear brush, go right ahead. If you want to apply powder products with the oval brushes, go right ahead. Makeup is supposed to be fun, so just go with it. 

I also have to mention, that while these brushes may have worked a certain way for me, that does not mean you will experience the same results. We all have different skin and different preferences, so while I might like it, you might not. 

Where To Purchase: 

You can purchase this beautiful set from Best Beauty Buys here. It is currently on sale for R495. Not joking here guys, but I’ve seen this same set/similar going for R900+. 

If you’re not into an entire 10 Piece Set, you can check out this pretty 4 piece set here. If you want to try out a single oval brush before investing in a set, you can purchase one here and here

And that’s a wrap for today. I hope you all have a relaxing Sunday. 
Disclaimer: I received this brush set from Best Beauty Buys free of charge but that in no way affects my opinion on the product. This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. 


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