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Product Empties #2 

Since I got so much love on my last Product Empties blog post I thought I would try and do it on a monthly basis. It will however depend on how much products I actually finish. Often I finish about 3 products a month, in which case I will wait until I have at least 5 products before proceeding with another Empties post. For this month and last month, I’ve finished 6 products, so I will be sharing my thoughts on each of them. 

Annique Pamperlang Rooibos ResQure Crème I actually got this from my Mom, because I had a dry patch on my cheek and didn’t have anything in my handbag to put on. It worked okay when I applied it and didn’t burn / sting my skin. I would just pop in my bag and use it whenever I had a dry patch popping up. It actually doesn’t have that intense, strong smell that some other creams have. I don’t think I will repurchase, but I will definitely be looking at Annique’s other products to see what I can try out. 

Annique products are available from Annique spa’s / stores. 

Intensive Sparkling White Eye Masks My dearest friend and fellow blogger Beautyblogger193 sent me a box of gifts all the way from Saudi Arabia. She had her brother drop it by my house when he visited Cape Town. It was such a pleasant surprise, I shrieked with joy! There were SO many gifts in the box, and this eye mask was one of them. I really, really, REALLY enjoyed these! It contains 6 masks, so you get 3 sets out of this little guy. It smells absolutely amazing and so fresh. Some masks I’ve tried smell kind of funky, but not this one, na-uh finger snaps this one smells lovely. It doesn’t smell like chemicals / medicine. It instantly soothed my under eyes whenever I used it and left them feeling soft and plump. I also noticed a tiny bit of luminosity after using these. I love love love them! Thank you, Samar 7abibti. 

These aren’t available in South Africa, but if you have any family going to Saudi Arabia you should definitely ask them to pick up some of these for you. I’ve tried the foot masks, hand masks, face masks as well as the eye masks and every single one of them blew me away. 

Good Stuff Extra Care And Repair LotionI tried the body wash of this brand in a honey variant and what I loved most about it was the smell. I then decided to check out the body lotions and when I smelt this one I knew I wanted to try it out. It smells real nice. I actually couldn’t believe how good it smelt because it is so affordable. Usually affordable body lotions don’t smell amazing at all. The smell lasted about 4 hours on my skin before fading. It helps a bit for dryness but needs to be used continuously. It’s not a lotion that gives long term results, but I don’t really mind since it smells great and doesn’t put a dent in your wallet. Definitely some Good Stuff indeedy!

Good Stuff is available from Pick n Pay, Clicks and Dis-chem stores. One of my readers gave me a little heads up about a 3 for 2 promotion on Good Stuff products happening at Dis-chem stores. Definitely make use of this promotion and bag some goodies from this brand. 

Geliga Muscular BalmI received this as a gift from a family member in Jeddah. You know when you’ve picked up something too heavy and hurt your arm / shoulder muscle(s)? Yeah, well this balm provides relief in no time. It’s WAY better than Voltaren or Winter Green. I also use it when I have a cold / flu. It works so well and absorbs after about 30 minutes. Vicks doesn’t do much for me when I have a cold, but this works wonders. I already went through 3 of these because it is just great.

This is not available in South Africa, but again, if a family member of yours is visiting/ lives in Saudi Arabia, get them to bring you a few. I say a few because one is too little as it is so, so good! 

The Body Shop Tailored Cheek TintIn Winter I opt for cream blush because it just blends better and gives the prettiest flush of color. I bought this a while ago and was pretty excited because it was my first tint product. It comes out a clear gel and when you apply it to your cheeks it tints it the perfect pinky color. I didn’t like it at first because the formula felt slippery, but after about 10 minutes it soaked in really well. It didn’t sit atop my skin like some cream blushes do. It gave me a natural flush that looked very flattering with or without a full face of makeup. It feels like you have nothing on your cheeks and it never made me oily. Not even once. I had 2 of these and finally finished my second one sob .

These were limited edition and are unfortunately no longer available. However, you do get similar products in stores. 

Essence Waterproof Eyeliner PenThis is one of my favorite drugstore pen eyeliners. It doesn’t peel off during the day and the tip doesn’t dry out after only a couple uses. I used it quite a bit and never has it let me down. I find it really comfortable to work with and the size of the tip is not too big / too small. I will definitely be repurchasing this. 

Essence eyeliners are available from Clicks, Dis-chem, and Selected Red Square stores. It is also available online from

And that’s it for my second Product Empties post. Have you tried any of these products? 


    • Starluster

      It used to take me forever to finish products too, until I got educated on product expiration dates. Definitely try out the Essence liner. But I’ve heard some people say theres are dry, so swatch before you buy ☺️

    • Starluster

      It used to take me forever to finish products too, until I got educated on product expiration dates. Definitely try out the Essence liner. But I’ve heard some people say theres are dry, so swatch before you buy ☺️

    • Starluster

      Aw man. I’m sure stores will get in again. I know Essence had a self adjusting blush a while ago in one of their Trend Editions. Just keep a lookout ☺️

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