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DIY Strobe Cream

During Winter, I tend to wear cream blush and cream highlighter because my skin tends to get a little drier. I am completely in love with Mac strobe cream, but it is quite pricey and not everyone can afford it. I did a little experimenting and found a way to make a DIY strobe cream. 

You Will Need:

Mixing Plate And Spatula 


Face Cream, Tinted Moisturizer / BB Cream 

Small Jar / Container With Lid 
I use the spatula to scrape some of my highlighter on the mixing palette. If you don’t have a mixing palette / spatula, you can use the handle of a teaspoon and a small plate. I used my mixing plate and spatula from Best Beauty Buys and my Catrice Lumination Limited Edition highlighter. 
Mash it up really fine and “pour” it into the container. The container you use needs to be able to seal properly, otherwise the consistency of the product will change and it will dry out. I used a little sample container from The Body Shop. 
Add some moisturizer / BB cream. I used the Kiki Beauty Natural Radiance Moisturizer. I also tried this DIY with the Avène Hydrance Optimale Hydrating Skin Tone Perfector and the result was also really pretty. 

Mix well, and voila! You have your very own DIY strobe cream. If it is too intense for your liking, you can sheer it out by applying more moisturizer/ BB cream until you feel it is subtle enough for your liking. 

You can also mix many highlighters and create a custom strobe shade for your skin. As you can see in the pictures below, I didn’t really like the pink so I added a teensy bit of gold highlighter and mixed it all in. The result matched my skin much better. The strobe cream can be used as highlighter or a little bit can be mixed in with your primer / foundation for a dewy finish. It’s important to note though, that if you want to mix it with primer, you should use a highlighter that isn’t glittery as it could accentuate texture or you could just end up looking like a disco ball. 

I usually make as I need, so I don’t waste any product. I would suggest making little bits at a time, so it doesn’t go bad. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this little DIY. Let me know if your try it and how it turned out. 


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