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ColourPop Pressed Powder Duo's Review 

ColourPop has come a really long way since their Ultra Matte Lips released a few years ago. Ever since then, they’ve been blowing up social media with new product releases. One of the more recent products they released is their Pressed Powder Face Duo palettes. 

As soon as I saw these palettes I knew I wanted to ge… – or rather, invest in them cough cough. Today I will be sharing my thoughts on 2 of these palettes, Done Deal and The Knockout. Are these palettes poppin’ or floppin’ ? Keep reading to find out. 


Just as the name states, these are pressed powders – one blush and one highlight shade. The ColourPop x Alexis Ren Topaz pressed palette is the only one (so far) containing a bronzer and highlighter. 

Packaging: These come in solid, sturdy cardboard packaging with a magnetic closure and interior mirror. The mirror is of great quality and I love that they added it. The outside sleeve packaging of Done Deal is pink and The Knockout is orange, but once you slide the product out of the sleeve both are white and look identical. Because it is white, it gets makeup smudges on it rather quickly. The palettes contain 7.5g/0.26oz per powder item. 

Shade Selection: 

There are currently 4 variants of these palettes available

  1. Double Play Getting Handsy: matte blush; warm nude. Padded Down: pearlized highlighter; warm champagne.      
  2. The Knockout Excuse My French: matte blush; soft peach. Like to Watch: pearlized highlighter; peach with a duochorome gold flip. 
  3. Done Deal Above & Beyond: matte blush; warm pink. Made Me Do It: pearlized highlighter; champagne pink
  4. Topaz She’s Here to Stay: pearlized highlighter; a true gold. Golden Moment: matte bronzer; a warm bronze


These are pressed powders, which is a new texture for ColorPop. The formula is thinner and more dusty, and has sheer coverage that is buildable. The highlighters are much denser, unlike the OG Super Shock Highlighters that felt almost wet to the touch. The pressed highlighters doesn’t feel stiff / hard though, and is really easy to blend or “diffuse” into the skin. It’s not chalky either, which means you can build it up as much as you want. 

My Thoughts: 

Done Deal contains a matte blush in Above And Beyond, which ColourPop describes as warm-toned. I definitely disagree, because to me the blush is more of a pink with cool undertones. Done Deal also contains a highlighter in Made Me Do It;  a soft champagne highlighter with a pearlized finish. 

The Knockout contains a matte blush in Excuse My French; a pretty peach blush with warm undertones. It also contains a highlighter in Like To Watch; a warm yellow gold with a tinge of peach and a beautiful duochoramtic flip. Like I mentioned before, these powders are more on the dusty side, but that doesn’t mean they are bad. The consistency of the blushes are thin, and even though they are a bit dry in the pan, they don’t look it once applied to the skin. It does have powder kick up, but it doesn’t really bother me that much because it blends and buffs out beautifully on the skin, which makes any fallout worth it (to me). The pigmentation is medium, yet easily buildable. A little bit goes a long way with these blushes, so use a light hand (depending on how light / dark your skintone is). What I adore about these blushes is the fact that even after building up the application, it didn’t make my cheeks look dry, heavy or chalky. It provided a pretty, healthy flush to my cheeks. 

Both the highlighters are dense and a little bit thin as well, which means you can layer and layer without looking like a cakey mess. I actually quite prefer the denser formula, because it is still soft and creamy, but not as gooey as older ColourPop highlighters. Don’t get me wrong, I love the old ColourPop highlighters just as much, but I struggled to apply them with a brush and found that it sort of moved my foundation around. These, on the other hand, are easy to apply with a meduim dense brush. I applied them using my Real Techniques setting brush but you could use any brush you prefer. The shade Made Me Do It gives me a pearlized, luminous glow. It does contain shimmer particles, so if you have bad texture / pores I suggest you apply a very thin layer. I also applied this to my bare face, and found that it adhered well to my skin without looking like a white streak was smeared on my cheek bones. Like To Watch feels a tad softer than Made Me Do It, but applies beautifully on the skin as well. It’s definitely more intense than Made Me Do It, but can still be sheered out a tiny bit. It didn’t emphasize texture on my skin whatsoever and because it has a duochormatic shift, it is very unique. I tried to find dupes for these highlighters in my makeup stash but these are unlike any other highlighters I own. These highlighters and blushes are all finely milled and the colors coordinate really well with each other. If you like a shimmery blush, you could even use the highlighter in these duo’s as a blush topper. Another thing you can do is use the blushes as eyeshadows. I really like warm toned eye shadows, and thought Excuse My French would be a beautiful transition shade. I tried it on my eyes and man, it was quite beautiful. 


I have combination skin, and both these blushes and highlighters lasted a good 7 hours on me before fading. To me that is amazing, because it is not a high end brand. 


ColourPop has done it again. These duo’s are amazing for the price. I didn’t expect the pans to be this big either. If you didn’t enjoy the previous ColourPop cheek products, you should definitely give these a try. I hope to see ColourPop release more shades of these duo’s in future. 
Where To Purchase:

You can purchase these from Best Beauty Buys in store. They aren’t available on their website, because they have limited quantities available. You can email them or go to their show room to purchase. They go for R450 each, which considering shipping, tax and customs, R450 is a really good price. 

Have you tried these before? I’d love to know how they worked for you. 


    • Starluster

      Thank you so much for stopping by! So glad you enjoyed this piece and that you like my blog ❤ I used to use VSCO cam, but recently I just stopped using it as it makes my pictures look completely different, which I didn’t like. I now use Priime, or try Photoshop on a laptop ☺️

    • Starluster

      Thank you so much for stopping by! So glad you enjoyed this piece and that you like my blog ❤ I used to use VSCO cam, but recently I just stopped using it as it makes my pictures look completely different, which I didn’t like. I now use Priime, or try Photoshop on a laptop ☺️

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