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Morphe Palettes – Real Vs Fake

I feel like I haven’t written a blog post in ages. This post was supposed to be up a few days ago, but I got busy and didn’t have time. I was feeling rather inspired to write today and I’m quite excited to share another comparison post with you guys. As read from the title, this is a comparison post on real vs fake Morphe palettes. Let’s get straight into it!

Packaging:When glancing fast, the front of the palettes might look identical. Upon a closer look though, you will notice the ‘M’ on the original is more red and not orangey, as the ‘M’ on the fake. It is also wider and thinner than the fake ‘M’. The ‘orphe’ is also thinner, more greyish in color and spaced out a bit more on the original. The fake ‘orphe’ wording leans more white than grey. (Please excuse scratches on the boxes. It happened when I stored them and is not as apparent than they are on the pictures)

The original box is more of a pitch black color and feels sturdy, while the fake is more grey-black and feels thin and cheap

The ingredients listed are different, and the original has a little red rectangle printed on the box in the right corner.

The barcodes are different and the original’s print is very black while the fake seems faded.

The original box is wider
Inside:Once opened, each palette comes in bubble wrap. The original however has 2 layers (hence the bigger box) while the fake only has one layer of bubble wrap.

Palette: The palettes look pretty different to me. The original is pitch black and as with the box the ‘M’ is a brighter red and thinner than that of the the fake. The original ‘orphe’ wording is yet again more of a grey color, thin and spaced out. The fake ‘orphe’ is much closer together, is wider and more white in color.

The fake I bought has a slight dent, but perhaps not all fakes has this.

The original palette has a firm clasp that closes pretty secure, while the fake doesn’t close as securely.

The original is pitch black while the fake is more grey-black in color.

The original sticker is pure silver while the fake is a reflective silver. The wording is also much bolder than that on the fake sticker.

As you can see, some shades are completely different in the palettes. The original shades look darker and richer. 
As seen from swatches, the original shades are much creamier and more pigmented 

The fake mattes feel hard. I had to press and swirl really hard to get sufficient product on my finger to swatch. 

The original shimmers are extremely soft while the fake shimmer shades feel more stiff and aren’t really shimmery at all

Now that I’m done with comparing, I just want to mention the dangers of fake makeup. Yes, I know some people don’t get any reaction to fake products, but you don’t really have a guarantee that you’ll be amongst those people. If you cannot afford mid – high end makeup it is completely 100% fine. I know it’s difficult, especially when you see beautiful products being released on the daily. I know, trust me. I feel sad sometimes when I see the new product releases and wish to have them, but often the price is just way out of my budget, so I drool a bit and move on. Don’t settle for the knock-offs guys. It’s okay to buy a fake Gucci phone cover or handbag if you can’t afford the real deal, but fake skincare and beauty products is a BIG NO-NO. There are all types of dangerous chemicals in these products, including acid, lead, feces and countless other gross things. Just think, if you’re wearing a fake lip product and drinking/eating, you are digesting bits and bits of dangerous ingredients which can be seriously damaging to your health. It might not be damaging today, or even tomorrow, but over time all those gross things you’ve ingested could result in health issues. It is not worth it. If you cannot afford the real thing, buy drugstore products. There is nothing wrong with not owning just Kylie lip kits etc etc… owning a bunch of Essence lipsticks is completely fine too. It honestly won’t make people think less of you. Do not buy fake products to impress people. I’ve seen people do this and I just want to say – it’s not worth it. If you like certain high end product(s) but cannot afford it, comment which product(s) it is and I will help you find a drugstore alternative.

Difference In Price: 

Original Morphe palettes go for anything from $23 – $39 on the Morphe website and around R500 – R700 from SA resellers. Fake Morphe palettes go for R350 – R400 but often these resellers charge way more, making people think the product is original because of the price. Be careful who you purchase from and don’t be afraid of asking for proof of authenticity.

Where You Can Purchase Original Morphe Palettes: 

My authentic Morphe palette is from Bare Beauty ZA (all of their products are authentic). You can also purchase Morphe products directly from Morphe or Cult Beauty (they ship to South Africa)

If you guys have any questions please feel free to comment, or you can pop me an email on the ‘contact’ page here

I hope you guys found this post helpful and informative. Don’t forget to share it with other makeup lovers to help spread awareness about fake makeup.


  1. thevisionofpersephone

    I’m so glad I came across this blog post. A very good read indeed. People should definitely opt for drugstore alternatives rather buying fakes just to say they have the product in their collection. Will definitely be looking out for your next blog post

    • Starluster

      I’m so glad you enjoyed this post. I agree, drugstore products are not all bad. They are some drugstore products that I feel are even better than high end ones. It’s just a matter of trying them and seeing how they work for your skin etc.

  2. typicalteenager76

    This is so informative to people that don’t know! Such a good idea for a post and they’re such small differences you wouldn’t even realise if they weren’t pointed out! Great post! I hope to see you round at my blog too x

  3. Phoebe Tan

    love your post – I was wondering if there really was a difference between fakes and originals and I am convinced now that the real ones are worth the money for the pigment they give.

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  6. Sarah

    I went to check my palette after seeing this. On my palette, the “Morphe” is written in all white letters and the M is the same size as the rest of the letters. Does that mean that it isn’t authentic?

  7. Louise

    Not sure if I can link to imgur but here’s the 35W I received today (from Amazon Warehouse!)

    Front of palette:
    Back of palette:
    Front of cardboard outer box (received rather scratched-looking, though I’ve read that the real thing can get this way):
    Back of box (barcode scans okay with QR app):

    The Youtube video I linked to above ^^ also suggests the clasp/clip’s efficiency/design could be a clue to its authenticity.

  8. Elzaan

    There’s honestly nothing wrong with not having high end makeup. Fake makeup is so dangerous and its no worth the consequences for having a ‘name brand’. This was so helpful as I can hardly every tell the difference!

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