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BH Cosmetics Eye Essentials Set – Best Affordable Eye Brush Set Yet?

I've tried quite a bit of BH Cosmetics makeup products, but only recently got my hands on some of their brushes; an eye set and a face set. Today I will be going through the 7 Piece Eye Essentials Brush Set.

It reminds me SO much of the Sigma Basics Eye Set ($77)

It looks similar doesn't it?

The BH set is just way cheaper.

The set includes 7 brushes that will help you line, define, shade and blend your shadow for a complete eye look.

It comes packaged in a carboard box. Once opened each brush is individually
sleeved in plastic. The ferrules are gold and the handles are black which I think looks pretty classy. The BH logo is imprinted on both the ferrules and handles, also imprinted on the handles is the number of each brush. This is great for beginners as it makes recognition of the brushes easy. The bristles in this set includes synthetic and natural hair. Unfortunately they do have that plastic smell once opened, but after washing them the smell goes away. I've washed them thrice so far and haven't noticed any shedding. They dry relatively fast and retain their shape quite well. It doesn't come with a case but that's not a deal breaker.

As usual, I will go through each brush and how I used 'em.

101 Blending Brush:
I've been loving this brush these past few weeks, especially for blending shadows in my crease. I also ued it to set my eye primer. Because of the size and how fluffy it is, the translucent powder I used (to set the eye primer) looked smooth and not patchy at all. I also love this brush for blowing out my shadows, as it leaves my eyes with a soft and blended look. It has a lot of movement and is a bit bigger than my Morphe blending brush, but it has a tapered tip so I can still manage to get precision in my crease. I also found that this brush is a great dupe for my trusty Mac 224 Tapered Blending brush. I've had the Mac brush for ages and it's one of my favorites, but at R400 it's definitely not an option for everyone. So, my lovely readers, I present to you a great, affordable dupe. You can thank me later.

102 Large Shader Brush:
This one is synthetic and quite big. I use it to pack color onto my lid area and also to apply cream shadows and glitters. It can also be used for concealing underneath the eyes/carving out the brows.

103 Small Shader Brush:
This brush has natural hair bristles and is soft and cute! I use this baby to apply as well as blend my eyeshadow when I'm going for a "no makeup" eye look. It's not very, very dense but just enough to apply shadows to your lower lash line.

104 Angled Blend Brush:
This fluffy, soft natural hair brush is great for applying shadows to the outer v of your eyes. Just be sure to use a light hand, to insure effortless/creaseless blending. Because it's fluffy, it takes a bit of effort to apply eyeshadows precisely, but it isn't difficult. It just takes a bit of practice, is all.

105 Pencil Brush:
Okay. I feel like everyone needs a brush like this in their collection. It's super dense but still soft enough to use on sensitive parts of your eyes. I wear hard contact lenses, and often using really dense brushes can hurt a bit. I thought this one would hurt too, but happily it didn't. The tip of this brush isn't prickly either, which is great. I use it to smoke out/smudge my inner or outer corners on both my top or lower lash line, for a smokey look. I also use it to apply precision color on my crease when I am doing a cut crease/double cut crease eye look. I often use it to apply highlighter to my inner corner of my eyes as well. It reminds me of Mac 219, which I do not own so cannot compare in pictures, but you can see the picture of the Mac brush below.

106 Fine Liner Brush:
This brush is pretty dense and applies eyeliner well, albeit rather thick. I don't look good with thick eyeliner so I don't use this brush much. However, I definitely think it is useful to have in your collection. It can also be used to apply gel liner to your waterline, though that may take some practice.

107 Small Angled Brush:
Like most angled eye liner brushes, this one is a bit thicker that what I would personally choose, but still works well for applying gel eyeliners. I prefer this brush over the 106 Fine Liner brush because I personally find it easier to apply winged liner with an angled brush. It is dense, so you don't have to worry about your application not being precise. I also used it to apply brow powder to my brows as well as to "stamp" black eyeshadow over the gel liner I applied on my waterline (using the 106 Fine Liner brush.) Unfortunately this brush is a bit too thick to apply brow pomades (I don't have thick enough brows to use this brush with pomade) but for brow powder it works really well and picks up the perfect amount of product. If you have thicker brows this brush will work great with brow pomades.


I am highly impressed with the quality of these brushes. I know how hard it is to find good quality, soft, well crafted brushes that will get the job done flawlessly and last you a while without breaking. Believe me, I know! wipes tear When I first got into makeup, I absolutely could not afford Mac eye brushes and used to use those sponges you get with palettes laughs I then found a set on sale from Woolworths for R60 something and purchased it immediately. It was a 3 piece mini eye brush set which I was so chuffed about. My excitement turned into dread as I struggled to apply eyeshadows with it because of the small handles. My hunt continued for a good eye set that wasn't expensive. My Mom and I went to every store in the mall and didn't find anything. I then gave up and found 2 single brushes from Essence which was about R22 each, but that was their old brush line with the colorful bristles and I hated it. Whenever I used it the dye of the bristles would come off onto my eye and it was the worst! I wish I knew about this set back then. It would've saved me so much trouble. This set is absolutely amazing! It feels similar to my Mac brushes and does a beautiful job at applying your complete eye makeup. If you decide to pick this set up, I think you'll be pretty much sorted with eye brushes. Like I said, the quality is outstanding!

Where To Purchase:

You can purchase this set from Best Beauty Buys here. It retails for R336 which I know might seem expensive to some of you, but If you look at the one Mac 224 brush, it retails for R400. R400 for one brush (if you're not a makeup artist) is ridiculous. This set has a dupe for the Mac 224 as well as 6 other brushes, which boils down to R48 per brush. Not bad hey, not bad.

What is your favorite affordable makeup brushes? Let me know in the comments!


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