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July Empties

Is it just me or has this first week after the long holiday been tiring?! yawns Besides that, it's almost Spring in South Africa. I'm not ready! I love Winter, even though I was born in Spring. Enough about that, onto today's post.

1. Woolworths Fleur Body Lotion
You guys won't even understand how much I love this body lotion. It smells so feminine and sophisticated. I've been using it very sparingly, because I didn't want to run out. Why, you ask? Because when I wanted to purchase a back up, I went to Woolworths only to find that this lotion and the Fleur body spray has been discontinued! wipes tear I hate when this happens. I fall in love with a product and when I need more it's long gone. Anyways, at least they still have the perfume available.

2. Ponds Age Miracle Intense Cell ReGEN Serum
I don't buy age repair products for myself. I'm in my early 20's and feel that my skin is not mature enough for anti-aging products. I won this, along with some other goods. I tried it once out of curiosity, but I didn't like it. It didn't feel bad on my skin but it definitely didn't feel amazing either, so I passed it on to my Mom, who LOVES skincare. She used it up and says it worked really well for her skin. She's never used a Ponds product before and was surprised to find that she liked it so much. She says the consistency was different than her usual skin care, but not in a bad way. It wasn't greasy and didn't clog her pores. It made her skin feel soft and smooth and she likes that it's a pump dispenser. My Mom approves! stamps on page like I mentioned, she loves skincare so her approval means a lot. Kudos Ponds!

Ponds is available from selected Jet, Pick n Pay, Checkers, Game, Foschini stores.

3. Pink Cosmetics Yummy Sugar Lip Scrub
I've actually used this up a while ago, because you need to replace it every 3 months. I also shared it with my Mom and sister because it contains a LOT of product. We all enjoyed it as it left our lips smooth and soft. It doesn't hurt when you exfoliate as it isn't very thick/hard. Read my full review here.

Available from Pink Cosmetics here. Use my code 'stardust' for a discount.

4. Labello
You guys, I've had this forever laughs in shame It's finally finished and what a great achievement! accepts medal I don't like Labello at all though. I used to as a tween, but as I got older I started disliking the consistency and how it looks on my lips. I've since tried many other lip balms and therefore will not be repurchasing this one.

Available from Clicks, Pick n Pay, Dischem, Game and Checkers stores.

5. Magnesium Inflama Roll On
I know I know, this is not a beauty product. But I always have it in my handbag and thought I would share why I love it so much. When my Mom bought one about 2 years ago and gave it to me when I complained of a headache, I just looked at it and thought "a roll on? Really?" I thought what the heck, then went ahead and applied it to my temples. After about 15 minutes my headache lessened immensely. I applied some more and after another 15 minutes my headache was completely gone. Since then I always have this in my handbag or on my night stand. I think I went through 3 bottles so far, because it is an absolute gem! I have sinus and hay fever, and for all my fellow sinus and hay fever readers, I'm sure you know the sinus/hay fever headaches is not a joke. I definitely recommend you try this. I don't love taking tablets, because why mess up your liver when there's an alternative? So yes, this alternative is amazing. I must mention though that sometimes my headaches are too bad even for this, in which case I do take paracetamol. So this doesn't really replace paracetamol, but does help a lot in some cases. I still use this more often that not, as it does really help most of my headaches.

Available from Dischem stores.

6. Sh'zen Belle Orchidèe Shimmering Body Powder
I bought this during December holidays as part of a gift pack promo. I loved loved loved the body wash! It was kind of minty, and made my skin feel zesty (zesty? Really Aisha? rolls eyes) and fresh. The powder was also really great, and had beautiful fine shimmers in it. It was very fine, soft and pretty. You couldn't feel it on your skin at all because it wasn't the gritty kind of shimmer. I was tempted to use it as a highlighter, but thought better of it. I used to wear it on occasions where my shoulders/collarbone was showing, as it made me feel so glamorous!

This specific collection is not available anymore, but I'm not sure if it will be this December holidays.

7. Alila Powder Lash Mascara

Straight off the bat – I didn't like this mascara. Yes, it was ultra black, but I don't feel like it did anything special to my lashes. Also, it smells like chemicals. It's hypoallergenic and didn't cause my sensitive eyes any irritation though, so I used it finished. I also did like how super black it was.

Available from Alila here.

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  1. sassyfrombirth

    The magnesium roll on sounds amazing! I’m glad you found an effective way to alleviate your sinus headaches. Any alternative to tablets is always great. I hate taking them as well

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