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Tarte Tartelette In Bloom Eyeshadow Palette Review

When it comes to eyeshadow palettes, I always tend to gravitate towards warm, neutral shade selections. This was the case when I first laid my eyes on the Tarte Tartelette In Bloom palette.

Now, I don't own it's predecessor, the original Tartelette palette sheds tear, so a fellow blogger Yolana (Stunners Slay Uniqueness) and I decided to do a collaboration post on these palettes. She owns the original Tartelette palette while I own the Tartelette 2: In Bloom palette. Click here to read Yolanda's review. She's really sweet and her makeup is always so, so fleeky! I've been following her for quite a while now and always enjoy her content. She's very real and authentic which I love most about her. You guys will see what I mean once you check her out.


The packaging of this beauty is very sturdy and sleek (about 0.5 inches thick.) It's robust enough to travel without fear that it will break. It contains a large mirror which is quite perfect for on the go. I was very happy to see the shade names were printed below each pan. When you open the box, there's a little leaflet that shows you how to create 2 eye looks with this palette. It's a useful guide and I can appreciate it being included. I've created about 8 different looks with this palette so far, so don't let the little guide included limit you. I think it's just there to help give beginners an idea of how the shadows can be used.

This palette is designed the same as the original one. Both holds 12 eyeshadows and is the exact same in size. The shadow pans are exactly the same size as well and each one contains 1.5 g / 0.053 oz. of product. The only difference is the shade selection – Tartelette contains all mattes, while In Bloom contains matte and shimmer shades. The palette "faces" are also different. Tartelette is plain ombré, while In Bloom has floral blooms printed on it. I must say, I love the packaging so much. The floral burst reminds me of Spring and flowers blooming (no pun intended.)


As mentioned, this palette contains 12 shades; 9 mattes and three shimmers.

  • Charmer (off white)
  • Jetsetter (warm taupe)
  • Rocker (shimmering taupe)
  • Smokeshow (black brown)
  • Flower Child (peachy nude)
  • Smarty Pants (tan)
  • Firecracker (bronze copper)
  • Activist (dark brown)
  • Funny Girl (champagne)
  • Sweetheart (peach)
  • Rebel (chestnut brown)
  • Leader (aubergine)

How perfect is this shade range? The ratio between cool and warm toned colors, as well as the ratio between matte and shimmers are pretty amazing. The vast majority of palettes feature so many shimmer shades with a couple of mattes here and there. I much prefer more matte over shimmers, and this shade selection is the perfect example.

Texture & Scent:

All the shadows are crazy pigmented. I have noticed though that the lighter matte shades are silky smooth, soft and creamy to the touch while the 3 darker matte shades are not as smooth/soft. It has a firmer, drier texture but the color payoff is still amazing. The shimmers are all soft as well, though Funny Girl feels gritty and drier than the other 2 shimmer shades.

These shadows smell like chocolate and vanilla – delicious! It isn't too overpowering and won't leave you with a headache/smelling like chocolates all day. Once on the eyes, the smell fades. It doesn't have that chemical/makeup smell at all.

My Thoughts:

Since I got this this palette I have tested out all the shades to see how they wear. The first look I created was a natural matte eye. I used Flowerchild to set my eye primer followed by Smarty Pants in my crease. I then went in with some Jetsetter and Rebel to create more definition, and used Sweetheart on my lid. I was so amazed at how well the mattes blended. They sweep onto the lids with beautiful opacity. It is a tiny bit powdery but not chalky or dry. You don't have to use a lot of pressure when picking up the shades because the shadows "stick" really well to brushes. Using a light hand is recommended because these shades don't need much work. It's easy to build color and they blend easily without too much pressure or "work".

After my all matte look, I created 7 more varying looks with different brushes and eye primers. I've noticed that Smokeshow and Activist look really similar once applied to the eye, which was a bummer. Funny Girl was rather disappointing. I expected it to be really shimmery on the lid but instead it was more sheer. Even when wet, it isn't as intense as I would've liked. It swatches better than it applies to the eyes. It is pretty when layered over other shadows even though it isn't very sparkly/shimmery. I used a flat stiff sythentic brush to apply this shade but I find it best to apply onto the lid using my finger. The (small amount of) shimmer clings to the skin much better when applied this way. I have almost hit pan on this shade, because I tried it as an inner corner highlight and have since fallen in love with it. It isn't too intense for the inner corner and adds just enough sparkle without looking over-the-top. I use a pencil brush to apply this to my inner corner as my finger picks up too much product.

The remaining 2 shimmer shades are much better and applies opague with a flat sythentic brush. All of the shades have some fallout, but nothing extreme. Tapping off the excess powder before application also helps.

Besides Funny Girl, all of the other shades blend beautifully. There's no patchiness and no matter how much you blend, it doesn't blend into nothingness. The shadows blend into each other really well too, creating the perfect gradients.


Without eyeshadow primer these shadows lasted about 4 hours on me and did crease. I would definitely recommend priming your lids. With primer these last all day on me without fading. The shimmer shades fade a bit around the 5 hour mark but the mattes stay oqague all day.


If you're a neutrals girl, this palette will be perfect for you. It's great for work, day to night and even glam makeup looks. The shades go really well together making this palette really versatile. It is one of those palettes that I (personally) think doesn't have any dud shades, as every single shade is so wearable. Tarte is 100% cruelty free as well, which is amazing!

Where To Purchase:

You can purchase directly from Tarte here, or alternatively through a third party seller – Makeup Magic SA. Makeup Magic was kind enough to offer the promo price to my readers, which is R850.

Check out Yolanda's review here. Also check her out on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Make sure to subscribe to her blog so you don't miss her future blog posts.

Have you tried any eyeshadows from Tarte yet? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for reading!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Makeup Magic SA.


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  2. An Ordinary Gal

    I love this palette. I prefer applying the shimmers with my finger, but sometimes for a natural work look, I prefer the sheerness of a light dust of the shimmer and I then use a brush.
    I think the matte shades basically blend themselves.

    Great review 😉 And great price…your readers should jump on it!

  3. stunnersslayuniqueness

    The packaging is EVERYTHING! I honestly can’t wait to get my hands on this one. Thank you for the detailed review hun. I always love your post because you don’t leave anything out. Loved it and loved collaborating with you! Xx

    • Starluster

      Yay! I cannot wait for you to get it either. With the awesome makeup looks you create I’m sure you’ll have EVERYONE swooning to get this palette.

      Thank you so much hun! ❤️ I loved collaborating with you as well. It was such fun!

    • Starluster

      It truly is hey! I hope you do get your hands on it. It’s definitely so beautiful.

      Thanks for stopping by, Rivania. I’m so glad you enjoyed my review.

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