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Ombré Brush Set Review

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen me talk about these brushes in my Instastory. There’s been quite a bit of you completely smitten with how pretty these are and all I can say is, rejoice, dear ones, because I am finally ready for my review on ’em.
Swoon. SWOON.

This is an unbranded 14 piece brush set. When you first look at the brush case and how plain it is you kinda shrug and think “eh”. But once opened you gasp at the amount of pretty it contains! I mean, can we just take a minute to appreciate the matte, classy handles.. sighs in content

These are in the colors rose quartz and serenity, both of which was the Pantone colors for the year 2016. It is 2 of my absolute favorite colors because it is so soft, elegant and pretty. You can imagine my excitement when I first opened these. A complete brush set in 2 of my favorite colors? Yes please! rubs hands together

When you first take the brushes out of their plastic sleeves they smell a bit like plastic but not too much. There was very slight shedding with 2 of the face brushes once I washed them, but other than that they hold up pretty well. I’ve washed them 4 times and they’re holding up really well. Because the bristles are white, I expected them to stain after use with foundation, bronzers and the like. I am completely happy to report that it doesn’t! The foundation washes out well and my brushes were left looking good as new.

You know the drill, I’ll go through each brush, what I used them for and how they fared.

Face Brushes

Large Powder Brush:As you can see, this brush is much larger than most powder brushes. I use it to set my face with powder or to bronze up the outer perimeters of my face. I like that it has a sort of “flat head” as this helps distribute powder evenly.

Pointed Powder Brush:This brush is perfect for setting my undereyes. The “tip” makes it easy to get real close to my lash line helping me set that area easily. I also use this to apply blush as it feels a teensy bit like the Real Techniques blush brush which is one of my favorites!

Buffing Brush:In my opinion, this brush is the perfect size for buffing liquid products into the skin. It isn’t too small nor too large. I find it’s just the right size to blend out the smaller portions of my face. I have found though, that blending in portions with this brush prevents streakiness way more than just blending all over the place. It’s not a Beauty Blender, but it does a well enough job at applying liquid products.

Angled Face Brush:This is good for applying powder contour to the face, but I use a light hand as this brush isn’t very fluffy. If you use too much product it’s difficult to blend out, so building your application with this brush is the best way to go. Not the best angled brush but I appreciate that it’s part of this set.

Medium Dome Highlighting Brush:I’ve always wanted a dome shaped highlighting brush! Granted, the one I want is from Morphe but hey I’m not complaining. This brush is not very stiff but I still really like it way more than a fan brush. It’s super soft so blending your highlight is a breeze. I use the “tip” to blend my highlight very lightly when I’m going for a ‘no makeup’ makeup look. Layering my highlight is also very much achievable with this brush, and I don’t have to worry about it being well blended as this baby does that well. It does take me a bit longer to apply stiffer highlighters (Colourpop Pressed Powder Duo’s) but it still gets it done, and well at that.

Small Buffing Brush:I like to use this for concealer and cream contour/highlight. It looks real similar to the Morphe G38 which is one of my favorite brushes for cream contour/highlight.

Fan Brush:
The same as majority of other fan brushes, I use this to apply highlighter to the bridge of my nose. It can also be used to wipe away eyeshadow fallout on the face. Not great, bur again, I can appreciate it being part of the set.

Small Dome Highlighting Brush:
This brush is great highlighting smaller areas on the face such as the cupids bow and above the eyebrow. It can also be used as an eyeshadow blending brush although if you have small eyelids, this could make a real mess as it will blend all over the place. I have medium sized lids, so I used this brush very lightly to blend out my crease and transition eyeshadow colors. It worked okay for me, but it does take practice. I would recommend rather just using this brush for highlighter or concealer.

Eye Brushes

Angled Liner Brush:
This brush is nice and stiff, so it doesn’t wobble about when I fill in my eyebrows using a powder product. It is too thick for me to use as an eyeliner brush to apply gel liner (I like thin liner) but for doing liner with eyeshadow, this brush works well.

Angled Eyeshadow Brush:As you can see this brush is not extremely fluffy, but I think it’s better this way. I use it to apply eyeshadow to the outer v of my eye, and because it isn’t so fluffy it applies with some precision. I like to use this when I’m doing a smoked out eye look.

Shading Brush:
This is not very fluffy but it isn’t stiff either. It’s kind of in between. It does the job at blending/shading your shadows adequately. The bristles stay in place and aren’t sparse, which can be quite annoying.

Flat Eyeshadow Brush:This brush is good for packing on eyeshadows, especially shimmer and metallic shades. It can also be used to “draw” on contour lines using the very fine tip.

Round/Pencil Brush:This is much bigger than your typical pencil brush, but it does work for applying highlighter in your inner corners. The tip is also nice to apply dark eyeshadow colors to the very outer corners of your eye, as it allows way more precision than the angled brush due to it’s “tip” and density.

Small Detailer Brush: I love using this brush to clean up around my eyebrows as it’s dense and really small. I also use it to clean around my lips after applying liquid lipstick, as well as to apply gel eyeliner.

And there you have it guys, a run down of this breathtaking brush set. It comes with a brush bag as well which is handy as it will keep your brushes protected which will, in turn, increase their life span.

I think this brush set is really unique and something different from the current brush styles floating around on social media. If you aren’t a fan of the unicorn brush sets, this is a beautiful option for you. It’s definitely a stand-out (in the best way) set. The handles of these are all matte and looks so expensive. My top 3 brushes in the set will have to be the large powder brush, domed highlighting brush and small detailer brush.

The brushes are all made of synthetic bristles, meaning they are indeed cruelty free. All the bristles are crazy soft and not prickly at all.

Where To Purchase:

You can purchase these from Best Beauty Buys here. There’s 2 colors available. This set and a pink and yellow set (see picture below)
The yellow set is branded, but only on the brush case and at the end of each brush. It contains the same brushes and is the same price.

What do you guys think of this set?

Wishing you all a happy Monday.


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