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Makeup Haul #2

Ever since Eid-Ul-Adha this past Friday, I’ve just been in a celebratory mode and the after math was complete exhaustion. Eid can be celebrated over 3 days (if you have a big family) and that’s exactly what we did. We had a 3 day long celebration with family and it was amazing. I’m still recovering from it, so I’ve been a bit MIA on the blog and social media. I’m back into the swing of things now though, so onto my haul post #2. Check out part one of my haul here.

Karrueche X Colourpop Fem Rose Her Face Palette

Immediately when I saw this I knew I wanted it because of the color selection. Karrueche has medium skin – similar to mine – and I loved the colors on her skin and knew it would suit me.

Can we all just stop what we’re doing and appreciate the packaging? It’s so pretty and so fitting for Spring.

Once again, this palette arrived damaged. The highlight was half broken but I managed to fix it. Regardless, I was quite sad because of how untidy the highlighter looks now.

After I received and fixed it, I immediately started using it because of how appealing the shades were to me. You can definitely expect a review soon. You can also check out my review of the Colourpop Pressed Powder Duo’s here.

I purchased this directly from Colourpop. It is sold out but keep an eye out as it might be restocked again soon. Third party sellers who have this available is Fashion Police SA for R350 here. They are authentic and I’ve purchased from them many times. They are super friendly and have amazing service.

Karrueche X Colourpop Fem Rose She Eyeshadow Palette

You might want to sit down now. I mean, what sorcery is this?! furiously fans self SWOON. SWOON.

Can we just ignore the nick on the one shade please. Okay. Moving on…

These shades are absolutely everything. I feel like every single shade is perfect and the colors work so well together. I was blown away by the quality of these shadows. Kudos, Colourpop. You did it again. Kudos.

Purchased directly from Colourpop. Third party sellers who has stock is The Makeup Shack SA here.

Karrueche X Colourpop Ultra Glossy Lip – Polished

Colourpop had a promotion with the release of the Fem Rosa collection whereby you receive a free gloss with the purchase of any Fem Rosa items to the value of $20. My 2 items were over $20 so I received this gloss free.

I haven’t tried Colourpop’s Ultra Glossy Lips, so I can’t wait to see how it performs. If you haven’t yet, you can check out my review of the Colourpop Ultra Matte lips here.

The Body Shop Matte Clay Skin Clarifying Foundation – Nutmeg 055

When I saw these at The Body Shop recently I really wanted to see if I could find a shade match. I so badly wanted to try the Maybelline Velvet Matte foundation when it released but I just could not find my shade. Even when mixing the 2 testers I had, the shade just wouldn’t look good on my skin. Because this packaging and product description is similar, I wanted to give it a go. The sales assistant was very sweet in helping me with testers (usually newer products don’t always have testers) and the shade Nutmeg was the closest to my skin tone. I have a yellow-ish undertone and this foundation leans a tiny bit more orange, but it doesn’t look weird on me. I had a voucher for The Body Shop and ended up paying only R40 for this foundation. She shoots and she SCORES. imaginary cheering

These retail for R150 each and are available from The Body Shop.

Milani Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation + Concealer – 010 Golden Tan

Milani SA finally released in South Africa last month and we beauty lovers couldn’t be more excited. They had free shipping, so I ordered the 2-in-1 foundation and concealer, which has been on my wishlist for ages.

The color I chose was 010 Golden Tan, but it ended up being one shade too dark for me cries I then ordered 09 Tan, which I think will be the perfect fit. I cannot wait to start using it.

This retails for R150. I know right!? R150! The price is on par with drugstore foundations which is great! Available from the Milani SA website here. Check out my review of my favorite Milani Baked Blush here.

Wet n Wild Limited Edition Megaglo Highlighter – The Sweetest Bling

I have waited so long for these to hit SA shores. When I finally saw it at Clicks, it was freshly unpacked and I immediately grabbed it exhaling a sigh of relief that it wasn’t sold out yet. Each store only gets about 5, so I knew it would sell out crazy fast. If you read my review on the Megaglo Highlighting Powders here, you’ll see how much I love these and why I was so amped to get my hands on this one.

I picked up an extra one for my 1k giveaway on Instagram , which will be happening soon.

If you didn’t manage to pick these up from Clicks, Pink Cosmetics also has stock. They have both colors available here. Use my code ‘stardust’ for a discount.

Colourpop Gimme More Highlight Palette

I so badly wanted the Anastasia Beverly Hills Nicole Guerriero palette when it released, but I did not have the funds for it at that time. When I saw a sneaky peaky of this palette, it looked like a dupe for the ABH one at a more affordable price. Of course I wanted it!

Yes, the orange shade was also a little broken upon arrival (SERIOUSLY COLOURPOP????) which made me quite upset. The powders are extremely soft though, so I can understand how it can get damaged in transit. Still, I think Colourpop definitely needs to start bubble wrapping and using air pockets when shipping products. All they do is use a little piece of styrofoam to keep the products “safe” but it doesn’t do anything. Step up your packaging game, Colourpop. Step it right up. Real high.

Purchased directly from Colourpop and again, it’s out of stock. Third party sellers that has it available in Fashion Police SA here.

And that’s it. A wrap up of my recent haul.

As I’m sure you can see, most of the products I purchased are highlighters giggles guiltily. I should probably be set with regards to highlighters now for at least a year, but of course when I see a new one that interests me I “need” it rolls eyes. The struggle of being a makeup addict is 101% real.

I hauled more products for my birthday this month, but I’m not too keen to do so many haul posts after one another because again, I don’t want anyone to feel like I am rubbing it in their face. I saved for my birthday items and decided to spoil myself a bit. Is anyone else born in Spring? If so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post. You can find part #1 of my haul here.


  1. An Ordinary Gal

    There’s still a birthday haul?? Yikes! I am also guilty of a bit of makeup greed this month, and also wondering how to ease the ‘hauls’ in without people thinking:
    a. I have too much money
    b. I’m bragging
    c. I have too much money (cause I really don’t…lol)

    I’m doing a giveaway on the Carli Bybel palette…so maybe that will distract them. ha ha

  2. An Ordinary Gal

    I’m going to link to your review and discount code as well! So frustrating, as I have this post ready for over a week, but I’m waiting for the 2nd palette to be released from customs 🙁

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