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BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel Deluxe Palette Review

I’m sure that the palette I will be reviewing today needs no introduction. You’re probably all fimiliar with the BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel Palette by now. For those of you who don’t know who Carli Bybel is, she’s a YouTube beauty guru who has collaborated with BH Cosmetics to create this palette as well as its predecessor. Carli has over 5.6M YouTubesubscribers and nearly 5M followers on Instagram . Yep, she’s well known in the beauty community.

I have to make mention that I take my hat off to Carli for choosing an affordable brand to collaborate with. I feel like influencers who are as big as her often tend to go with higer end brands, which of course is fine, but it does make it very difficult for everyone to afford. So, arigato, Carli, for remembering those of us who cannot fork out $65 for one eyshadow palette. Arigato.

Alright. Moving on…

BH Cosmetics recently released a deluxe version of the Carli palette and once I saw sneak peaks on Carli’s YouTube channel, I was sold. I owned the previous Carli palette and was fimiliar with the formula, pigmentation and perfermance, so it was a no brainer for me. I kept from reviewing the older version of this palette because I had already ordered the newer one and thought I might as well wait a bit to post my thoughts, also because the deluxe palette contained a few more shades for me to play with.

Now, by ‘new’ I don’t mean completely new. Both the original and deluxe palette designs are similar though they do vary in size. The deluxe palette contains some shades from the original palette which were the most popular and most loved shades by Carli’s fans. Carli also created 7 new eyeshadow shades as well as 3 new highlighters for this palette, thus making it ‘deluxe’.

Original (old version) Carli Palette:

Deluxe (new version) Carli palette:


The palette is made of sturdy soft cardboard with a magnetic closure. It is quite big but not heavy or bulky. When you open it up it has a marble background and large mirror. Below the mirror is a quote Carli is always using “Aspire to Inspire”. The packaging is slim and very easy to travel with. It also comes with a little sleeve to ensure the palette doesn’t open during travel. If you watch Carli’s YouTube video’s you’ll know that the decor in her beauty room looks pretty similar to the marble effect of this palette, and she always includes beautiful quotes at the beginning of all her YouTube videos. I think she stayed true to her personality with the design and layout of this palette and I must say I quite like it. They even included a little penguin on the top side of the palette, as Carli loves penguinsMost palettes these days have busy packaging, so I really love the look of this one for a change. Classy, sleek and tidy. starts slow clap


If you guys read my review on the Tartelette In Bloom Eyeshadow Palette, you’ll know how much I love my neutral nude shades. This palette contains just that. All of these shades are so me.

Like most bigger palettes, this one doesn’t have any shade names. The first row is all new shades. It’s all coral toned and very pretty. The middle row has more pinky mauvey tones, the fourth shade from the left being a brand new shade. The last row has warm brown tones and the third shadow from the left is a brand new shade as well. Below is an internet picture of all the new shades marked

I’ve had this palette for a few months and every time I do a look with it, I end up loving it!

The matte shades are decently pigmented but can feel really dry sometimes, especially the 2 darkest shades. I always use an eye primer – especially with drugstore eyeshadow – so I primed my eyes first and did an all matte eye look. The shades needed to be built up quite a bit but eventually they blended out well and didn’t look horrible at all, like I was expecting. The lightest and darkest matte shades can look chalky and patchy on the eye, but when blended out properly it can be made to work. It does take considerably more work though, but I personally (sometimes) don’t mind as I’ve worked with way worse matte eyeshadows in the past. There was fallout, but I found the amount acceptable considering the price of the palette.

(The third swatch doesn’t show up on this picture because it is the same color as my skin).

The shimmery eyeshadows on the other hand, HUBBA HUBBA! There is also 2 brand new duochrome shades in this palette and oh hunny, the rose gold shade hits me right in the feels. The shimmers and duochromes are absolutely beautiful and so incredibly pigmented. They feel soft and buttery. Granted, when you use a brush to apply them they don’t show up as pigmented as apposed to when applying them with your finger. If you don’t want to apply with your finger though, I would suggest using a setting spray to wet your brush so it intensifies the shades. Because the shades are so soft, it does crumble and have more fallout that the mattes, but I’m not mad at it. If you don’t use a primer with these shimmer shades, they will transfer. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. I think the two duochrome shades makes this neutral palette stand out from the rest, don’t you agree? It adds a pop of ‘fun’ to the rest of the palette.

Carli created three new highlight shades for this palette. The remaining three shades were the most popular in the original palette, so they added it to this palette as well.

I don’t know why, but the two highlighters in the bigger regtangular pans are chalkier and not as great as the four smaller highlighters in the square pans. I really don’t know why the consistency is different, but the two bigger ones have some fallout and is a bit chalky and glittery. As you can see in the below picture, the top two highlighters sort of crumbles in the pan when you load your brush with the product.

I’m not crazy about those two, but the remaining four highlight shades are AMAZING. The formula is creamy as butter and so intense. They’re so smooth and not chalky at all. They’re also finely milled and don’t contain any chunky glitters. You can use a light hand for a subtle glow or you can pack it on for more intensity, and boy are these intense! I definitely think these can compete with some higher end highlighters for sure!

Can we just take a minute to appreciate the variety of colors? I mean, there is literally something for everyone. Carli added the ice white highlighter for really pale girls as well, which I think it great! Everyone deserves a fleeky highlight, and Carli delivered.

Final Thoughts:

I definitely think this palette is bang for your buck. I’m so glad I picked this up. Honestly the shades look much better in person. The highlighters as well as eyeshadows are very wearable and I personally think it will suit even darker skin tones. Even though the matte shades are not great, it can be made to work. I do however wish they added two more darker matte shades, because the darkest grey toned matte shade doesn’t give me the smokey effect I’m fond of. I love a deep matte black for evening/smokey eyes, so I do wish they added one. I also have to mention that when using a cheaper primer like Essence, LA Girl or Catrice, the shadows doesn’t last as long and isn’t as vibrant as when you are using something a bit more potent. I used my Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer as well as my Smashbox Photo Finish Eye Primer and the shadows lasted much longer – 5.5 hours – before fading. I also noticed that the matte shades blended a tad easier with the Smashbox and Too Faced primer than it did with the Essence and LA Girl. I would definitely recommend a good quality eye primer especially if you have oily lids.

Where To Purchase:

The store I purchased my palette from is sold out, but Pink Cosmetics has stock here. You can use my code ‘stardust’ for a discount. Even if you don’t purchase this palette for the eyeshadows, the highlighters will definitely still make it worth your while.

To get an idea of which looks you can achieve using this palette, check out Carli’s video here.

What are your favorite BH Cosmetics palettes?


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