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Oh So Heavenly Healthy Balance Skincare Review

I haven’t done an in-depth skincare review on my blog yet, but today that is all going to change. Months ago I received a press drop from Oh So Heavenly South Africa. It included some skin and hair care goodies from their new ranges. I have reviewed the Hair Sensations Love Your Color Shampoo & Conditioner hereand was quite surprised at how good it was, so I had high hopes for their skin care.

If you are from South Africa I am positive you know of have at least heard of Oh So Heavenly. They’ve been around for years and their products are pretty well known across South Africa. They have so many products available, from skin, body and hair care to fragrances, tots and even home care.

What Is Oh So Heavenly About?

“At Oh So Heavenly we believe that women deserve to feel confident and happy in their own skin. This means working out what makes YOU so special and individual, appreciating YOUR strengths and helping you feel happy and fulfilled. Only once you learn to love and respect yourself can you be ready to love and respect others.  We believe in making women feel that they are getting more than they have paid for. We believe in abundant generosity at an affordable price. Woman deserve to indulge, pamper and treat themselves every day. Our products should be like your closest friend – trusted, loved and treasured.” 

With skincare, I like to test the product(s) for more than two months or so. I do this because I want to see how well the product(s) work and if there is a long term difference to my skin. Sometimes I will buy a face cream/wash and for the first three weeks by skin will feel amazing, but then during the fourth week I will start getting breakouts or the product(s) will just stop working for me all together. It has happened to me more than once already, hence why I test skincare products for so long. I have tested these Oh So Heavenly Healthy Balance skin care for months now, and I am ready to give my honest thoughts on these two products.

First up we’ve got the Oh So Heavenly Healthy Balance 3-IN-1 Home Spa Facial

It comes packaged in a plastic 100ml tube. I really like the light blue top and the detail on the front. It looks very fresh and pretty.

Because this is a 3-IN-1 product, I was very intrigued. The instructions state to apply it on your face avoiding the eye area, to leave it on for 5 minutes and therafter massaging in circular motions whilst rinsing with warm water. It’s supposed to remove dead skin cells that causes clogged pores and blackheads. It is also enriched with hydrating Omegas 3+6 repairing vitamins and conditioning milk proteins to help nourish your skin.

As you can see, the product has little “beads” in it, which helps to exfoliate

The first time I tried this my skin burned and tingled so,so bad. I thought I was probably just having a bad skin day and shurgged it off. I then used it the next day and there was tingling and burning again. I thought perhaps my skin is not doing well, let me try it in a week… The time came and after I tried it once more, the tingling and burning sensation was still there. I didn’t even massage the product into my skin or anything like that, so I though it can’t be the exfoliating “beads” being too harsh, can it? I was bummed about the situation because I really wanted to love this product. I do have sensitivite combination skin though, so perhaps there is an ingredient in this product that does not work for my skin.

I didn’t wanna let the product go to waste, so I told my mom and sister to try it and see if it worked better for them. My sister has oily skin and my mom has combination mature skin. I must say this product worked so much better for them.

My sister (who has oily skin) didn’t experience any tingling or burning on her skin. She has acne marks on her cheek and nose area, but after using this product for about a month her skin started looking visabily brighter. She reports her skin feeling squeaky clean and soft after use of this product.

My mom (who has mature combination skin) didnt experience any tingling or burning either. After using this product for almost 2 months my mom’s skin is also looking a little brighter. She reports that this product cleanses well without being too harsh/scratchy. It does dry her skin out a bit, but she uses it in conjunction with the moisturizer in this range and it has been working very well for her skin.

I also have to mention that this product lasts really long. You only use a little bit – about a smidge more than a pea size.

I wish this product worked as well for me as it does for my mom and sister wipes tear. I think perhaps the exfoliating part of this was indeed too harsh for my skin, so I will definitely be trying out the regular Healthy Balance Face Wash in this range soon.

Oh So Heavenly Healthy Balance SPF 15 Day Cream

First things first, the products in this range smell absolutely amazing! It smells like high end skin care brands which is quite great.

Unlike the 3-IN-1 Spa Facial this day cream didn’t burn my skin at all. It comes in a 60ml plastic tube.

After using this product for about 2 months, I didn’t notice any difference to my skin. I think it is because this product only works well when used in conjunction with the Facial Spa or Facial Wash. The directions for use does indicate to use this only after cleansing. Even though I cleansed before using this, it didn’t do anything for my skin. I think it might be because my face wash is a different brand. I must admit though that I did enjoy the feel of this on my skin. It isn’t too thick and feels good on your face. If you do have very dry skin though, I would recommend finding something that’s more hydrating. Even though this is hydrating to some degree, I don’t think it has enough hydration for extremely dry skin.

My mom has also used this cream because she used the Spa Facial when I couldn’t, so of course I was curious and wanted to see how both products worked together.

Did they work better together? Definitely! This product 100% works better when used in conjunction with the Face Wash in this range. My mom reports that she forgot to use the Spa Facial for 2 days and after she applied this cream (without using the Spa Facial first) it sat on her skin and didn’t soak in well. She also mentions that after using the Spa Facial your skin can feel a teensy bit dry, but following it up with this Day Cream definitely gets that sorted. She recommends using the Spa Facial first and following it up with this Day Cream for the best results.

My sister (who has oily skin) used this Day Cream too, but got a bit oily after 3 hours. It isn’t a mattifying cream, so you can’t really expect it to work for oily skin. However, she does really loves the Spa Facial and is going to repurchase once the current one is finished.


I’m not amazed by these 2 products but I am amazed at how well is worked for my mother and sister, especially since we’ve never tired Oh So Heavenly face products before. I think it’s worth a shot, but definitely do a spot test first to see if you experience tingling or burning.

There are 5 products in this Healthy Balance Range:

3-IN-1 Home Spa Facial (R69.95)

Face Wash (R54.95)

SPF 15 Day Cream (R69.95)

SPF 15 Night Cream (R69.95)

Facial Beauty Bar (R17.95)

Where To Purchase:

You can purchase Oh So Heavenly products from Clicks in store as well as online here. Clicks is currently having 3 for 2 of certain products, and these Oh So Heavenly is part of the promotion! If you’re wanting to try new skin care I would recommend giving the Oh So Heavenly skin care products a peek, as we all know how affordable it is. And like makeup, sometimes the affordable products works just as well as the high end ones, on some of us..

Like I said, these products didn’t work amazingly on my skin, but I am definitely interested in checking out more Oh So Heavenly skin care in future. They are cruelty free and they also have some vegan products, which I love.

Oh So Heavenly has spread it’s wings, and some of their products are now available in Croatia, Zimbabwe, Pakistaan and United Arab Emirates (UAE). They will be launching in more countries soon. Follow them on  Facebook and Instagram  to stay updated! 

Have you guys tried any of their skin care products? Let me know your thoughts on them in the comments below.

Disclaimer: I received the above products free of charge from Oh So Heavenly, but that in no affects my review. This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.


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