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Eyelure Superfix Eyelash Adhesive – Why It Isn’t Worth The Money

I wasn’t going to review this product initially but after using it I thought it best to share my thoughts and experience to hopefully save anyone else from experiencing the same

Because I wasn’t going to review this I chucked the box away, but here is an internet picture of the box so you guys see what it looks like

Of course by now you guys know which product I am talking about – the Eyelure Super Fix Lash Adhesive. I ran out of lash glue a while ago and I was at the drugstore looking for something I could use. There was only 2 options available at Dis-chem – this one and another no name brand I haven’t heard of. I of course chose the Eyelure glue because I figured they are a false lash company so the glue would be great. As some of you might know, eyelure 117 lashes are my absolute favorites so naturally I expected the glue to be great too. Needless to say, after using it for the first time I was incredibly disappointed and beyond annoyed.

You see, it was a day like any other… I was applying my makeup and thought hey, let me put on some lashes. The lashes were very thin and natural and the lash band was thin too (I love a thin lash band). I opened the glue and the smell alone made me frown. It smelt like nail polish remover – a very strong, very chemical smell that made me think “is this really safe to use on your eyes?!” I shrugged it off and used it anyway…

It comes with this wand like applicator that is very thick and messes on the lash a bit due to it’s size. I waited 30 seconds for the glue to get tacky and started applying the lash as per usual. Immediately my eyes started BURNING like crazy. The glue did not stick and messed all over my lashes. I applied some more and this time I did not wait for it to become tacky. This worked better but once the lash was on it looked incredibly untidy. The glue left white marks on the lashes and I had to literally “color” the lashes in with eyeliner to get it black again. Massive fail and by this point my eye makeup and eyeliner was ruined. Very, very annoyed I removed the lashes and to my absolute dismay it ripped out a few of my natural lashes in the process! IT WAS NOT PRETTY. I was left with red, burning eyes. Now the question, HOW is this made by a lash company when it is this awful? My sister tried it as well and had the exact same experience. Needless to say, the lash glue got chucked. Not worth passing it down to anybody. It’s available in black as well but I haven’t tried that one and I don’t think I want to.

It retails for R69.95 at Dis-chem Pharmacies and sure, at that price you cannot expect it to be as good as the duo lash glue but I definitely didn’t expect it to be as awful as it was. Not worth the money at all, guys. Not the worth the trouble either. I’m still on the hunt for an affordable lash glue. So far my absolute favorite is the BH Cosmetics glue that came with a pair of pro lashes I bought. I bought 2 more pairs of these lashes just for the glue (see picture below)I haven’t seen them selling the glue individually but I really hope they do in future. In the meantime, if you guys know of any lash glue available at the drugstore please let me know so I can give it a try. Hopefully nothing is as bad as this.

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