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Getting to know the Top 3 Pink Cosmetics Influencers #1

About 2 months ago, Pink Cosmetics advertised that they were seeking influences to join the Pink family. After 80 applicants, 15 were chosen to receive a PR package from them (the very first September influencer boxes!), as well as a 10% discount code for their readers/followers to use on the Pink Cosmetics website. A final 3 were chosen after sifting through those 15influencers.

Janet – the amazing lady behind Pink Cosmetics, contacted me asking me if I would like to interview the finalists. I was very happy that she thought of me for this project as I’ve always loved how she supports up-and-coming creatives. I immediately accepted her offer and am very grateful for this opportunity.

The finalists were chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Picture appropriateness/quality
  • Engagement on posts
  • Amount of times discount codes were used

The first lady whom Janet has asked me to interview is Megan from Flowercrowns.

Here is what Janet said regarding Megan:

“Megan has a rare disease and is often hospitalized for long periods of time –enduring lots of pain and suffering. She always manages to put out content and engage with people seemingly coping very well with her disease. She is an inspiration to me and a daily reminder to be grateful for my own health. She was chosen as 1 of 15 ladies (of 80 applicants) who applied to become Pink Influencers and, despite being one of the applicants with the smallest followings – she had the most sales of all‼! She loves unicorns – I think, even more than I do‼!”

Janet sent me a list of questions to ask Megan and I added some of my own as well. This is a great way to learn a bit more about your favourite creatives.

A picture of Megan and her husband
Pictured: Megan (right) and her husband (left).

From the little interaction I had with Megan, I found her to be very warm and sweet. Here is the full dialogue of the questions (Q) and answers (A) as discussed during the interview:

(Q) Please tell us about your disease – what it is and how does it affect your life?

(A) My disease is called Myasthenia Gravis – what happens is that the message between my nerves & muscles gets blocked.  So I will know that I need to swallow, but the muscles used to move the food down my throat don’t respond to the nerve stimulation & thus I choke on my food.  I often slur my speech, look like I’m snarling – rather than smiling, can’t walk up stairs & can’t carry anything heavy.  To put it simply, any muscles in my body can choose that today is just not their day!

(Q) How do you stay so positive and motivated? 

(A) My family & friends have always encouraged me & kept me going.  I know if I allowed the reality of my condition to control my thoughts then I would never be able to cope.  Plus there is so much good in the world & we are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place – sometimes we just need to look a little harder but there is always good out there.

(Q) What’s your favourite book, colour and place?

(A) My favourite book is definitely “My Sisters’ Keeper”… I think because it is so relatable & heart-wrenching.  Favourite colour is DEFINITELY pink – it varies in the type of pink, as it used to be highlighter pink but is now more of a blush.  Favourite place is home; it is my happy, comfortable place – where I can just blob & be myself.

(Q) When did you start your blog and why? 

(A) I have been blogging for an international platform about life with MG for a while now, but at the beginning of this year I realised I wanted to do more about living life to the full & seeing the good in life, & this is why I started Flowercrowns & Treatment.  I shouldn’t still be alive & this gave me a huge wake-up call to not take things for granted & to search out the positive.

(Q) Why do you love Unicorns so much and when did your obsession start?

(A) I honestly can’t tell you when the obsession started!  I think it is becausethey are magical beings & just exude happiness & rainbows.  Youhave to experience storms to see a rainbow, & unicorns are the embodimentof this.  They just make me so happy!

(Q) Which is Pink Cosmetics product your favourite?  

(A) Oooh this is a tough one…  The solid makeup brush cleanser is a definitestaple as it works so well & leaves my brushes feeling soft & smellingbeautiful.  The facial mist is so refreshing & has made such adifference to the hydration of my skin, whilst really helping in this terribleheat to cool me down a bit!

(Q) If you could only choose 3 makeup products to use for every day, what wouldthey be?

(A) Lip gloss, mascara & highlighter – with these I feel like I can take onanything!

(Q) What’s the best beauty/skincare tip you’ve ever received?

(A) Don’t pick your pimples!  It leaves horrid scars plus often end up gettingbigger & even more red & noticeable.

(Q) Tell us something about yourself your readers don’t know.

(A) I’m actually really introverted & battle to make new friends as I getextremely self-conscious about my talking & being seen as”weird”.  Blogging is my outlet as I can get out my emotionswithout stumbling & struggling over my words.

(Q) What advice do you have for anyone going through something similar to you (yourdisease) –something you wish someone had told you?

(A) You will have bad days, but you will also have amazing days.  Find yourtribe who love you for you & hold on to them – don’t allow othersnegativity to get you down or influence how you feel about yourself.

From reading these answers, I feel inspired. What a warrior Megan is! Thank you for sharing a little bit about yourself with us. May your future be as bright as the Pink Cosmetics highlighter.

Make sure to give Megan a follow as well as subscribe to her blog:
Instagram: meggi_toni

I hope you guys enjoyed this. The remaining 2 interviews will be shared in the coming weeks. Thank you for reading!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post


  1. Nimmi

    It’s always nice to find out about the people behind the blogs. Reading what Megan said about her disease is a reminder that everyone has their own battles that they are fighting on a daily basis.
    Looking forward to the next interviews.

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    • Aisha

      She really is. And yes, follower counts are not always a representation of how “good” of a blogger you are. Real engagement is.

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