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Getting To Know The Top 3 Pink Cosmetics Influencers #2

About 4 months or so ago, Pink Cosmetics advertised that they were seeking influencers to join the Pink family. After 80 applicants, 15 were chosen to receive a PR package from them (the very first September influencer boxes!), as well as a 10% discount code for their readers/followers to use on the Pink Cosmetics website . A final 3 were chosen after sifting through those 15 influencers.

Janet – the amazing lady behind Pink Cosmetics, contacted me asking me if I would like to interview the finalists. I was very happy that she thought of me for this project as I’ve always loved how she supports up-and-coming creatives. I immediately accepted her offer and am very grateful for this opportunity.

The finalists were chosen based on the following criteria:

Picture appropriateness/quality

Engagement on posts

Amount of times discount codes were used

Pictured: Megan

The second influencers I’m interviewing is Megan from Perilously Pale

Janet sent me a list of questions to ask Megan and I added some of my own as well. This is a great way to learn a bit more about your favourite creatives.

I’ve been following Megan on Instagram and reading her blog for a few months now and I have to say, I really enjoy her content. If you check out her blog here you’d never say she’s only been blogging for a year. She’s that good. Megan is the winner for having the most engagement on her posts about Pink Cosmetics.

Here is the full dialogue of the questions (Q) and answers (A) as discussed during the interview.

(Q) When did you start your blog and why?

(A) I started my blog, Perilously Pale, on the 1st of November 2017. It all came about after speaking to family and friends about feeling the need to share my opinions and advice on beauty related matters, and so, my blog was born.

(Q) Why the name Perilously Pale?

(A) Being pale is something I’ve always been quite insecure about. In today’s society, being bronzed is all the rage, and I lean more towards pasty vampire and less towards tanned goddess. I thought it was important to build the name and personality of my blog around a characteristic of mine that I didn’t think was perfect. I wanted to show, through my blog, that the things we don’t like about our physical image can be appreciated and become something we love about ourselves instead.

(Q) What’s your favourite between make-up/beauty posts and why?

(A) Writing about beauty in general allows me to express so many more opinions than restricting myself to makeup posts. There are only so many tutorials, and so many foundations you can review before your readers get bored. Whereas beauty incorporates skincare, self-care, fragrances and much more.  I like to keep my writing options as open as possible, so that I can write about whatever is on my mind.

(Q) What’s your favourite book, colour and place?

(A) My favourite book would have to be either The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, or The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan. My favourite colour is pink, a nice, neutral, light blush pink. And my favourite place is definitely my own home, it’s where I feel most at peace.

(Q) What have you learned from starting your  own blog?

(A) Wow… that is a very difficult question to answer succinctly. The most important thing I have learned since starting Perilously Pale is that the things we read, see, listen to and engage with MATTER when it comes to what we think of ourselves. The things we take in affect how we see and feel about ourselves. It is therefore so important to read positive, constructive messages, and equally as important for me to write posts that build people up, and encourage them to be self-accepting.

(Q) What advice/suggestions would you give to newbies who are wanting to start a blog of their own?

(A) Just start. It doesn’t matter if you are the only one who reads your posts. Put time and effort and care into what you write, even if you have two followers, and they’re both your parents. Eventually your audience will grow, but your will always be grateful that you started out on the right foot.

(Q) What is your top beauty secret?

(A) Natural light. It’s the safety precaution for everything. Always check your makeup in natural light before leaving the house (if possible). There is nothing worse than checking your makeup in the mirror in the car only to notice the severe mismatch of foundation and skin. Or to see your smoky eye looks more raccoon-esque than grunge-chic. I now never buy a foundation without checking it in the sunlight first, and I haven’t bought wrong since. It also helps you to determine whether you’ve gone overboard (or too light-handed) with the rest of your products.

(Q) At what age did your love for makeup/beauty start?

(A) I have always loved beauty. I remember sitting in the bath for hours making ‘concoctions’. I would mix every soap and cream and oil and gel to make the perfect product (much to the frustration of my mother). My love for makeup started years and years later. I only really got into makeup when I started watching YouTube. Gurus like Chloe Morello, Lauren Curtis and Jaclyn Hill, which was towards the end of high school.

(Q) What is your favorite Pink Cosmetics product?

(A) Now that’s a tough question. I think that the Pink Cosmetics solid brush cleansers are a STAPLE that each and every makeup-wearer needs. I also really enjoy their facial mist as a spray-on toner.

(Q) What are your Summer handbag essentials that you think every girl needs?

(A) Wet wipes and a facial mist. I could never leave the house without them. Wet wipes are great for sticky hands, dirty surfaces, makeup swatches and more. Facial mists help keep you cool, and ensure makeup looks great throughout the day.

A big thank you to Megan for sharing a little about herself with us. I thoroughly enjoyed reading her answers as I’m sure you guys did too. She’s not just a pretty face, Megan, but a super intelligent, smart and overall great woman. You can check her out here:


Instagram: @ perilouslypale

Facebook: Perilously Pale

I hope you guys enjoyed this interview. If you haven’t read the first one you can do so here. The remaining interview will be shared in the coming days. Thank you for reading!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.


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