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Products I Regret Buying In 2018

Since I did a 2017 Beauty Favorites the end of 2017, I decided to switch things up a bit and do this post for 2018. Some of these items I bought myself and some of them I received as gifts from my family/friends. While I am extremely grateful for every gift I receive – no matter how small – some of them just didn’t work for me. I tried each product multiple times because I wanted to give it a fair chance, but unfortunately they didn’t work for me. In no particular order the products are:

Essence Camouflage Concealer I bought this recently and while there were only 4 shades available – this shade being the darkest – it was still extremely light. I thought I could use it as an eyeshadow base or mix it with a honey colored concealer and use it to highlight but that didn’t work out either. It just looks extremely ashy and doesn’t work well as an eyeshadow base. Perhaps if Essence releases darker shades I’d give this a go again. Otherwise it’s a no from me.

Dermovia Lace-A-Peel Mask I actually received this in my October Boxycharm and decided to try it out because the lace aspect was interesting. It’s the exact same as a normal charcoal mask but the lace is supposed to help it peel off easier. After it dried and I peeled it off, my face swelled and the lace had left an imprint on my cheeks. It was painful and the imprints on my cheek took about an hour to go away so definitely never using charcoal masks again. It hurts and it doesn’t benefit my skin in any way whatsoever. In fact, after using this mask I noticed that my foundation isn’t sitting on my skin as well as it used to. It could be something else causing it but I strongly think this mask had a negative effect on my skin. Either way, I regret using it.

Mac Studio Fix FluidI got this as a birthday gift and was keen to try it again. I tried it a few years ago and didn’t like it one bit but I thought I might like it better this time round. I didn’t. It oxidizes so much and has a really strong orange tint. It doesn’t sit on my skin very well. I don’t like the look nor the feel of this foundation at all. It’s just not for me. I do have my eye on the Face And Body foundation though.

Yardley Translucent Powder

So many people rave about this powder that I knew I wanted to try it out. A friend of mine gifted one to me and the first thing I noticed was how big the container is. You’re getting a TON of product for a really good price which is great. However for me that was the only pro. The actual powder was a big disappointment to me. Loads of people compare this powder to higher end brands but it makes my undereye area crease SO much. I really wanted to love this product because so many people do, but it doesn’t work for me at all. It also has a really weird smell that I dislike quite a bit. I will say though that the consistency of the product isn’t bad at all. It doesn’t have a thick consistency which I appreciated.

Smashbox Be Legendary Pucker Up Lip Palette

I got this in my Boxycharm as well and while I was so very excited about it I was led down heavily. I was expecting it to be great because, well, it’s Smashbox, so it has to be good, right? Wrong. Absolutely wrong! It was so waxy and had very little pigment.

This swatch picture is not accurate at all because the shades does not look like this on the lips. The only accurate thing about this picture is the shine on the lips. All the shades had some shine to them, although some less than others.

I had to apply about 4 layers to get an opaque color on my lips but even then, it faded in less than an hour and felt waxy and gross on my lips. It made my lips feel dry and stiff?? I will never spend money on a Smashbox lipstick palette again. I do however have their single liquid matte lipsticks on my wishlist.

Huda Beauty Complexion Perfection Pre Makeup BaseYou guys know I love Huda Beauty products but this was such a disappointment. Regardless of what foundation I was using, if I had this primer underneath my foundation would look cakey and my pores looked HUGE. HUGE. I’m not even exaggerating. It’s like this product prevented my foundation to “blend/sink” into the skin. Gross.

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner – TrooperAnother product that is very hyped but wasn’t worth it (to me). I didn’t like the applicator because it wasn’t as precise as I like. I prefer the Essence eyeliner to this one to be honest.

My sister loves this product though. It’s her holy grail eyeliner and I have to say it looks beautiful on her. She has hooded eyes and this product doesn’t smudge or crease on her and every time she uses it her winged liner is very neat and precise, so definitely not a bad product. It just didn’t work for me and I wouldn’t repurchase it for myself again.

Morphe 35O PaletteI’d say this is probably the most popular Morphe palette after the Jaclyn Hill and James Charles palettes. I received it as a gift and was so happy to scratch it off my wishlist because everyone who is everyone recommends this palette, especially to people like me who loves warm toned shades. Let me just say that all the shades I used blended into each other. It was powdery, some were patchy and majority of the colors looked exactly the same on my eyelids. I do however think that this palette is great for fairer ladies as the colors show up better on fair skin and doesn’t blend into each other like they do on me. It’s weird, but yeah it didn’t do much for me. If you guys are wondering, yes the palette was original and I had an invoice for it. I just don’t see what the hype is all about. I have tried other Morphe palettes and not all of them bad. I just think this particular palette has so many similar shades that blends into one shade on darker skin. It’s quite frustrating.

Maybelline Collosal Kajal Eye Pencil This smudged on my lower lash line really badly. My eyes weren’t even tearing but it smudged anyway. It’s very opaque upon initial application but once it’s on it takes about 20 minutes to start smudging and fading. I can handle the fading but the smudging ain’t cute. Hard pass.

Essence Darkening DropsWhat a joke this product is. It doesn’t darken your foundation, it just makes it grey. Worst thing ever.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour PaletteI know there are people who love this palette but I find the contour shades to be very patchy and they don’t blend well. The matte highlight shades looks ashy on me and makes my under eye area crease more than usual. The shimmery highlighters looks very frosty on the skin and is too glittery for my liking. It’s also very stiff/hard so the formula isn’t that great. It doesn’t “diffuse” well and just kinda sits on top of the skin making it look unblended messy. I mean, it’s not the worst contour palette considering the price but then I’d rather get the Wet n Wild contour duo and Megaglo Highlighters instead.

Eucerin Sun Gel-Creme This felt extremely heavy on my skin and pilled really badly too. It made my skin feel clogged and after an hour I couldn’t tolerate it anymore and had to remove it. It’s for oily skin though and I have combination skin so I guess that could be why it didn’t work for me. Nevertheless, I regret spending money on it.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz – Granite

I adore the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow powder duo and brow gel (as seen in my 2017 favorites) but this was something else… I’m not a fan of brow pencils in general but I have tried a few and after the Essence brow pencil, this is my second least favorite. The formula wasn’t too waxy or anything, it just didn’t blend well. No matter how carefully I applied it / took my time to blend/diffuse – it just clinged to my brow hairs in the most unflattering way. I also didn’t quite like the color as it was just a tiny bit too dark for me. I do have the brow definer on my wishlist so hopefully when I do try it it won’t let me down as this product did.

And that’s it. The product fails of 2018. Please bare in mind that if any of the products mentioned works for you, that’s great! I’m not saying they’re bad products. They just didn’t work for me. Not everyone is the same so what works for you might not work for me and vice versa. With that being said, what are some products you regret buying in 2018?


  1. An Ordinary Gal

    Shocked about the Kat von D liner! The Morphe palette….all those shades look too similar to me, so I think I’d feel the same about all the colours looking the same. The essence drops….yikes!! And the ABH brow wiz…shook again!! Lol

    Enjoyed this!

    • Aisha

      Lol the Essence drops was crazy awful. Have you seen the new Morphe bronze palette? It literally looks the same as the 35O with some more shimmers. Eww they need to chill with so many neutrals.

      Glad you enjoyed this! Xx

  2. Sheena D

    I think you and I are the same person. I agree with many of the products that I’ve also tried.
    I haven’t tried the yardley powder – so thanks for the info – have been tempted also because of the reviews.

    I still use the MAC fluid foundation though, even though it oxidizes, I like the tan it gives me (haha) but I also noticed it oxidizes less with the Maybelline baby skin instant pore eraser.

    Thanks for sharing

    • Aisha

      Heehee it’s always fun to find someone with the same makeup preferences as yourself.

      I feel like I have enough tan already so oxidized foundation isn’t my vibe, especially the super orange oxidation. I’m glad you like it though! I will sometimes wear 1 shade darker setting powder and I like it, lol, so I def understand where you’re coming from.

      I’m tempted to try the newer Maybelline primers. There’s a white, green, blue and pink one.

  3. Yolanda

    Jeez. It just shows you that high end isn’t always the best buy. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on these products. I however really love the eucerin sunblock but I have oily skin.

    • Aisha

      It really does! Thanks for reading ❤️
      Yeah I think it’s because my skin is combo that’s why the eucerin didn’t work for me. I do wanna try more from the brand though

  4. SimpleSerenity

    I like the formula of Essence camouflage concealer, I haven’t actually try matt one I have vitamin formula. Their shade range is definitely so bad, they need to work on that so hard to bring out so many more shades and include everyone. Lovely post. xx

    • Aisha

      Definitely! I really wanted to try the You Better Work tinted day cream but of course they don’t have my shade in that either. It’s very upsetting

  5. Elzaan

    I haven’t tried all of these but it’s so nice to finally see real reviewes, not reviews just to impress a brand. Definatley something everyone should read before buying.

    • Aisha

      Thank you Elzaan. I make it a priority to always be honest in my reviews, regardless of whether or not I bought it myself or a company sent it to me

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