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Huda Beauty Rose Gold Remastered – Real Vs Fake

It’s been a while since I’ve done another real vs fake comparison posts. I know there’s a lot of you who find these very helpful so I thought I’d do another one on a Huda Beauty product. Most of you will know that Huda Beauty is one of my top 10 favorite brands. I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to do a comparison of the real one versus a fake/replica I purchased from a store who sells fakes. Let’s get into it!


As you can see, the real one is more of a bronze gold and the fake is more rose gold/reddish. You can’t see it well as it’s difficult to photograph but the real one’s wording stands out a bit and the fake is just flat. The real wording is a bit bolder than the fake.

The word ‘A Paupieres’ on the real product has acutes on them – ‘À PAUPIÈRES’ – whereas the fake doesn’t have acutes.

The real palette’s information and ingredient list at the back of the palette is very white while the fake is more grey. The fake product is missing an entire paragraph of information in the middle section (see picture above). You can also see that the real palette is very black while the fake is more grey black.

The real barcode is a tiny bit shorter than the fake in length, though the real one is the tinniest bit wider in width. The numbers are completely different and the fonts too.

The real palette has the social media and website handles in three separate lines while the fake is just in two lines spread out and just two fake websites instead of social handles. These websites take you to an unsecure page (see below)

The top side of the real palette has the words ‘Rose Gold Palette Remastered’ in a bold rose gold font while the fake is in a pink color, the letters don’t connect into each other and the font is thinner and much smaller.

The real palette is about less than an inch smaller in size. In the picture you can see the palettes on top of each other and the fake is hanging over just the smallest bit.

The real palette has rose gold on the two smaller sides (the sides used to open the box) while the fake is black.

When you open the box the real is all black on the inside and the fake is white. The real one is a thicker cardboard and the fake is very thin and cheap.

THE PALETTES: The real is very vibrant and some roses are cream while the fake is very dull and the roses that’s supposed to be cream is light pink. Huda’s makeup on the real is burgundy and vibrant whereas on the fake is muted and her lipstick looks rose gold. Again, the ‘Rose Gold Remastered’ wording on the real is a bold italic font in a rose gold color that stands out a bit, and the fake is pink in color, has a thinner font and doesn’t stand out as much. Same goes for the ‘Beauty’ word. The real one is a deep metallic pink color and the fake is a lighter matte pink color.

Just like the box, the top side of the real palette has the words ‘Rose Gold Palette Remastered’ it a bold rose gold font while the fake is in a pink color, the letters don’t connect into each other and the font is thinner and much smaller.

The same with the back of the palette – like the box the real one’s ingredient/information list is very white while the fake is more grey. The fake is once again missing a whole paragraph of information at the bottom. Same thing with the social media handles, it’s the same as it is on the box (scroll up for pictures of the back of the box)


The fake has a thin plastic cover with ‘Huda Beauty’ printed on it and the real has a cover that’s not quite plastic – it feels thicker and is quite sturdy – and looks the same as the outer packaging just without the words. The real mirror is bigger and way better quality than the fake. The real also has a plastic cover on that you peel off and the fake doesn’t.

The real mirror covers the complete top part of the palette and just has the black around the side to keep the edges looking neat and tidy – most palettes have this around the mirrors. Unlike the real mirror – that covers the full top part of the palette – the fake is smaller and feels looks like it was just pasted on. Above is a picture of the sides to see what I mean.

The real mirror has Huda Beauty printed on the mirror and is small. The fake has it on the cardboard and is bigger. The inside of the real palette is very black and its very neat. The fake is messy and grey ish.

You can see the difference in the texture of the eyeshadow

The real eyeshadow pans are smaller than the fake and the placement is neater. The shade names on the real palette is very opaque but on the fake it’s faded and skipping in some places.


I would never put fake eyeshadow on my eyes so below I’ve swatched each shade side by side. Real vs fake. You can see the difference quite clearly either in color or texture. The real is on the left and the fake is on the right

This shade didn’t show up well on the back of my hand so I decided to include a finger swatch instead.


The real palette doesn’t have much of a smell but the fake smells chemically and like rancid old makeup. If you’ve ever sniffed an old eyeshadow palette you’d know what I’m talking about.

I’ve seen people selling fakes claim it is AAA+ replica’s, coning the client into thinking it is somehow not really a fake but it very much is. No matter the grade, if it is not bought from the Huda Beauty website or other official stockist, it is still a replica. Huda palettes (Rose Gold, Desert Dusk, New Nude) retails for R1100 – R1500+ in South Africa, so if you see a store selling it for R150 or even R300 (these fakes are getting pricey!) it is 100% fake. On the official Huda Beauty website the palette retails for over R950, so if a store is selling it for R300 or even R500 that just doesn’t make sense at all.

If you didn’t know (which is okay, we’re here to learn) fake products are made in very bad conditions and can contain lead, rat excretions, arsenic, mercury and many other dangerous ingredients that can be detrimental to your health. There are many reported cases of people using fake makeup and ending up with chemical burns, severe allergic reactions, swelling, rashes and many other health issues. It’s not worth it. Especially because you’re applying these products on your face. If you cannot afford branded makeup that’s completely okay. There are many drugstore brands that have some great products. I often share drugstore dupes for high end products on my instagram so make sure to follow me here if you’re interested in that.

As you can tell from the swatches the original Huda Beauty Rose Gold Remastered palette is beautiful and I love the shades. The only shade I found to be crumbly is Moon Dust and Bubbly. Other than that the shimmers are extremely pigmented and beautiful. I do like the mattes as well, especially Henna, Sandalwood and Demure.

I hope you found this comparison post helpful and informative. Share it with your family and friends so we can all educate ourselves on fake makeup and it’s dangers. Please feel free to ask any questions you might have regarding this post or fake makeup in general.

Is there any products you guys would like me to compare next? Let me know in the comments.


  1. SimpleSerenity

    Thank you for doing this post and raising awareness to fake makeup out there. I saw many fb pages sell “replicas” which let’s be honest it’s a fake makeup which who knows where it came from. I think people can know just from price difference that they are buying fakes whenever the price is too good to be true. xx

    • Aisha

      Ah, it’s a pleasure. I really wish more people were aware of the dangers of fakes. Unfortunately so many people fall victim to buying from these pages not knowing any better. I feel so bad for them and I hope posts like these will help them in future. The price is usually a dead giveaway bur you know what? I’ve seen a fake online store selling a Naked 4 palette (which doesn’t exist) for R800. The real Naked 3/Smoky retails for R860 so imagine they’re asking almost the exact same price! It’s infuriating.

      Thanks for stopping by

  2. alwayscleia

    I love this comparison post! You can definitely tell which texture is the real one when the shadows are side by side. And when you swatch both shades next to each other they’re completely different! I can see how someone would be fooled into thinking the palette is the real deal at first but I’m sure the fake has much worse quality.

    Fake products are so sketchy! I remember a few years ago I joined a new subscription box for lipstick and every single “brand name” product they sent was a fake. The ingredients list was off and the batch numbers on the bottom weren’t real, and there were so many typos. I don’t mess around with what I put on my body so knowing I have real products is a must!

  3. Lisa @ Midwest Glam

    I’ve heard so many horror stories about those fake palettes. I think it’s cool that you brought attention to it with your comparison post. The real Huda palette sure is a beauty. I don’t own any of her palettes, but these swatches sure are tempting. I was eyeing her new neon palettes, but they aren’t eye safe. Not sure if I want to chance it near my eyes. Yikes.

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