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Pierre René Cosmetics | Review

Hello my lovlies! Today I will reviewing some products from a brand called Pierre René. I’ve seen this brand featured on the Glamore Cosmetics Instagram page many times and I also watched some tutorials/reviews. I’ve always wanted to try the brand so I was really stoked when Glamore reached out to me asking if they could send some of the items my way.

Before we start. Here is more about the brand:

“Who are we? Pierre Rene is a company with long-term experience in the cosmetic sector. For over 20 years we have been helping women to bring out their natural beauty. With such rich experience and our own know-how, we easily change trends and ideas into high quality cosmetic products. To ensure high quality of products offered, our company cooperates with the world’s best manufacturers of packaging and cosmetic formulas from Germany, France, Sweden and Spain. We are one of the fastest developing companies on the Polish cosmetic market, which we owe to a detailed analysis of the market, excellent product quality, high qualifications of our employees and systematic work. Words such as trends, professionalism, innovation, quality, colour are the basis for creating our business…”

There is a bit more information on their website here. This brand is not very well known is SA but according to their website they are sold in over 35 countries in the world, which is quite impressive.

I’ve put the 4 products pictured above to the test and here are my thoughts

Pierre René Lip Matic Lip Pencil shade 17 (ZAR 89)

About: A new generation of automatic contour lip pencils with a creamy consistency which guarantee exceptionally smooth and precise lip makeup. It ensures full color and coverage. The long-lasting formula stays on your lips for many hours.

I initially didn’t think this lip liner would be anything special because, well, it’s a lip liner. However the formula is so creamy and glides on really beautifully. It doesn’t tug on the lips and the formula is very comfortable. I did notice that if my lips are dry and I don’t use a lip balm before hand the product does tend to cling to dryness or settle into lip lines, however if your lips are moisturized it applies beautifully. I love that it’s a retractable pencil which means no sharpening necessary. This color (17) is a perfect nude on me. I tend to use it all over my lips because of how much I enjoy the color. It doesn’t bleed (though usually nude colors don’t) and is really long wearing. The wear time does depend on every individual though. If you are snacking or eating greasy foods a lot then middle area does fade, but overall the wear time is so very impressive, especially for the price! I would even say it outperforms some higher end lip liners. It is waterproof yet still removes easily and doesn’t stain the lips. I know it’s a bit difficult to judge these factors based on nude shades because it’s usually pinks, reds and purples that tend to fall short in this department and cause staining. Still though, I think it was worth a mention.

I’m not sure why I cannot find this shade (17) on the Glamore website, but they do have 12 available shades here. I would highly recommend these! In fact, I’ve added shades 2, 3, 5, 8, and 18 to my wishlist.

For the price these are brilliant and I love that the packaging is the color of the product, making it easy to find the shade you are looking for in your makeup drawer/storage. I also love that it is is carmine-free making it halal friendly.

Pierre René Royal Mat Lipstick shade 39 Warm Words (ZAR 220)

About: Pierre Rene royal mat lipstick is an exclusive collection of lipsticks in carefully selected intensive shades including both subtle nude, cool shades of purple and fiery red. It combines delicate powder particles and moisturising oils for the effect of matt yet soft and moisturised lips. Owing to high pigment concentration, the obtained colour is intense and full of life, stays on your lips for a longer time and makes them look like jewels shrouded in a vibrant colour.

Firstly, this product isn’t matte. It doesn’t dry down and if does transfer but where it lacks in the matte department in makes up for in pigmentation and tug-free application. The pigmentation is gorgeous! One layer provided me with an even application that didn’t skip in certain areas nor was it patchy. Of course you can apply as many layers as you want but I found one layer to be enough. Because the formula isn’t matte and more creamy it glides on evenly and feels comfortable on the lips. It doesn’t feel heavy at all which in my books is a plus. Regardless of it not being matte, the wear time is quite good considering. The color is a bit too pink on my lips and too light too, but when mixed with a darker lip liner I can make it work. The packaging is surprisingly on the heavier side and is really luxe. I love the gold component. If you are someone with dry lips or if you just prefer a creamy finish, these are lovely. And yet again, these do not contain carmine. There’s a few shades available here. .

Pierre René 6th Sense Eyeshadow Palette Colorado Springs (ZAR 399)

About: These palettes have been harmoniously selected ensuring natural color and long-lasting makeup. Eye shadows from the palette allow you to create a delicate daytime make-up look as well as a more expressive evening styling. Each of the palettes is a perfect combination of carefully selected shades and textures from silky matte, through cream-satin, glossy-pearl, to glitter.

When I first swatched this palette I wasn’t too impressed with the first and second shades. I figured I can’t judge it without putting it to the test on my eyes so I played around and created a few different looks. Right off the bat I noticed that using a tacky eyeshadow primer/base – like the P Louise – is not the way to go because the shadow clings to one area and doesn’t diffuse or blend out. It was rather difficult to work with. If you like to pack on shadows with a packer brush for more intense/creative looks then I don’t see the tacky eyeshadow base causing any issues for you, however for “normal” cut creases, halo eyes or basic eyeshadow looks the blending on a tacky base won’t be ideal. At least not to me.

I then tried a concealer as an eyeshadow base and set it with a light layer of setting powder. The shadows applied and blended out much better over the set concealer. The shadows are nicely pigmented but some shades needs building up, more so than others. I did not like the white/cream shade because it’s patchy and doesn’t blend well. It’s the least pigmented in the palette so I figured I’d use it to highlight my brow bone but I just didn’t like how it blended out. The shimmer is crumbly and I expected it to be a lot brighter and more metallic on the eye. It just lacked that “oomph” I usually expect from a shimmer shadow. It doesn’t apply well with a brush but most shimmers don’t, so I can’t really judge it in that area. I applied a few layers and tried to build it up to make it pop more but it didn’t perform. It also has the most fallout and because it’s a shimmer the particles tend to fall just underneath the eye and leave behind some tiny glitter, so if you’re planning on using this shadow after you’ve done your face makeup, be sure to apply some powder underneath your eyes so you can wipe away the fallout when you are done with your eye look. This glitter shade doesn’t look like much in natural light but let me tell you guys, in artificial light it is stunning. I took a picture with flash and noticed the most beautiful micro glitter with purple, gold and green reflects. I so wish these reflects would show up in natural light as well because it is absolutely gorgeous! I really struggled to get a picture of the reflects but managed to get this one below. It’s not the best quality, but it’s the only picture that shows the reflects well enough.

I really enjoyed the 3rd, 5th and 6th shades in this palette. Surprisingly they were so easy to work with and blended well.

I expected the pink shade to need a few layers but it’s so nicely pigmented that going in with one layer distributed a good amount of color. It blended really well and if I had to pick just one favorite shade in this palette it would be the pink one. It’s vibrant but on the eye it’s not as bright. It reminds me a lot of the Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow in the shade Love Letter from the Modern Renaissance palette.

Shade 4 on the other hand was hard to work with. It needed a lot of building up which I don’t mind, but it was very patchy and didn’t want to work, no matter how long I took to blend it. I even tried using lighter colors to help blend the edges but to no avail. I think because it’s such a dark color it’s very noticeable when it doesn’t blend out, but if you use it as an eyeliner it works a lot better. It’s not black but more of a charcoal color with a bit of a brown undertone, so it’s nice for eyeliner and looks “softer” too. Perfect for light makeup looks.

Overall there is fallout on all the shades but the shimmer shadow had the most fallout in my experience. I like that this palette has 5 matte shades so you can create multiple looks. Loads of newer palettes have 3 or so matte shades and it’s not enough to create a variety of looks without using other palettes in conjunction. In this aspect this palette did well.

Would I recommend this palette? Not really. For the price there is better palettes out there but I do think the price is largely due to the fact that this palette is vegan. There’s a couple of different palettes in this collection and I really like the look of Golden River and the bigger palette called Pinch Me. There are 7 different palettes to choose from they are all cruelty free, vegan friendly and hypoallergenic. You can shop them here.

Pierre René Baked Makeup Trio (ZAR 360)

About: This baked makeup trio comes in 3 shades: blush, highlighter and bronzer and each have a ripple of marble through them making them 3 dimensional. They give an extra shimmer especially when combined. The baked makeup trio is also cruelty free and vegan friendly and perfect for all skin types. It takes pigment and intensity to the next level with one swipe of your brush. The velvet soft formula blends so easily and builds effortlessly making natural makeup and next level makeup that much easier.

I’ve saved the best for last. Let me start off by saying this product absolutely exceeded my expectations. The packaging is not the best and does look on the cheaper side, however the products makes up for it completely. The formula. The formula is incredible. It feels like a cream and the pigmentation is spot on. It reminds me of the Huda Beauty highlighter palettes, specifically the powder shades. If you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know I love the Huda Beauty highlighters because they do not emphasize any texture, doesn’t cling to dry patches and “sinks” into the skin effortlessly. The same with this trio. It doesn’t have any glitter or shimmer chunks so it’s applies smoothly and easily. It does say the pink shade is a blush but it’s too reflective so I use it as highlighter.

All 3 shades work on my skin tone (nc43.5) and the gold shades are not too warm nor too cool toned. I get so many compliments when I wear this highlighter. I told my sister to try it out as well so she could understand why I was gushing over it, and she fell in love too! She has acne prone skin and certain highlighter accentuate her problem areas but not this one. I wanted to see it this would work on lighter skin too, so I used it on a family member with light medium skin. The light gold shade looked beautiful on her and she loved the formula too.

If there is one thing from these 4 products I would recommend you try, it is this one. I know the packaging doesn’t look like much and it is very light, but the product itself is completely worth it! The pans are relatively big as well which I like. You can shop this beauty here.

Have you guys tried anything from Glamore? They stock a variety of brands including Pierre René, Hean, Miyo (they have the prettiest neon pigments!) among others. I have browsed the website and have a few goodies on my wishlist.

Thank you Glamore Cosmetics to sending me these goodies to try.

Disclaimer: all the items featured in this blog post were gifted to me, however this is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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