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A. Definitions

  • Blooming Hayaa“, “BloomingHayaa” and “this blog” will refer to all content accessible on the domain and all of its subdomains.
  • I” and “Me” will refer to the legal owner of Blooming Hayaa, and “personal” will refer to the aforementioned owner.
  • “The user”, “You” and “Your” will refer to any person who obtains any information from this blog.
  • PR” will be an abbreviation for “Public Relations

B. Liability

Blooming Hayaa is a personal blog and all opinions expressed on this blog are my own and based on my personal experiences and your experience may differ from my own. I accept no liability for any issues caused, including (but not limited to) rashes, allergic reactions, bad hair, acne, breakouts or dissatisfaction with a product. Everyone is different. You might dislike something I like, and vice versa, so please keep that in mind when reading my reviews.

C. Review policy

If I have received a complimentary product from a brand or PR company, or agreed to post sponsored content that is suitable to my blog, it will be indicated by an asterisk (*) and I will include a footnote indicating the sponsor of such a product.

D. PR Samples

Most of the products featured on Blooming Hayaa are purchased with my own money, or gifted to me by family/friends. If a brand or PR company sends me a product or products for free it is in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my thoughts and opinions and I am under no obligation to write a positive review if I don’t like a product. All PR or sponsored content will be indicated by an asterisk (*) and will be made clear in a footnote.

E. Affiliate links

When I write about products, I direct my readers to online stores where they can purchase it via a link, which may or may not be an affiliate link. A post which contains an affiliate link will be accompanied by a footnote which indicates that the post in question in fact contains an affiliate link.

F. Discount codes

If you use the discount codes provided by me, I may or may not receive a very small commission for that. Whatever I earn from this commission I am most likely to use for the improvement of my blog or purchase of new items to review. Either way, the money I earn when you use these discount codes will be used to improve your experience as a visitor.

G. Disclaimer

(1) I merely post my experiences with specific products – whether the post in question is sponsored or  otherwise – I am not involved in the manufacturing of these products and I do not post instructions regarding the application thereof.

(2) Under no circumstances will I accept liability for any direct or indirect damage, injury or inconvenience experienced by anyone regarding any products I have or have not posted about.